Sizzlepig, an online tool to resize, scale and crop multiple images

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Creating different versions of the same image can become time consuming for website content creators. You usually have to use scripts, or batch processing in design tools. Results of automatic image cropping are not often perfect and you tend to have to rework some images individually.

This morning I found a really cool online tool: Sizzlepig.


This little tool is able to batch process many images and image folders, resize, scale and crop them automatically.

Blueprints to create all the image sizes

The tool lets you create a blueprint of the size of the images you will need. You can also control format, compression rate, suffix and even create retina images. Once this blueprint is created, you can apply it to all the images and projects you need.

sizzlepig blueprints

Control the cropping

The tool will crop the images based on the blueprint you created. The real cool feature of this tool is the fine tune option. If you don’t like the automatic way the image was cropped, you can simply click on it, and drag and drop the image in the template to adjust it the way you need it.

Sizzlepig recadrage

You can then process all the images and download them in a .zip file. Sizzlepig also allows you to upload images through Dopbox, Google Drive and Box.


You can test the tool and crop up to 100 images for free, then pay 10¢ for each additional images. Sizzlepig also offers monthly plans from $10 to $75 depending on your needs.


This is not strictly speaking a designer tool, but it will get really handy for content creators that have to process many images. I really like the fact that it’s an online tool (so you can use it on OSX and Windows). The tool is really simple and easy to use, actually way more user friendly for a content creator than Photoshop or other designer tools. I guess this tool could be a powerful ally in a content creator workflow, and can definitively see some responsive image use cases.

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2 thoughts on “Sizzlepig, an online tool to resize, scale and crop multiple images

  1. Stephanie,
    thank-you for trying the tool. We are a digital design agency and have been making sites and apps for Clients for years. We made sizzlepig for ourselves, to give us visual control and to see our images on one page before we processed, we were tired of the guesswork with scripts. As a tip: if you move your original images to the cloud (Drive, Box or Dropbox), the tool will always watch these folders and apply any saved settings to new images or edited images that are placed in the folder – this has been very useful to our dev team.

    Andrea (Grit-Design, Inc. / sizzlepig)

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