Xampp security access forbiden and 403 error

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I usually work on a local installation using xampp. But sometimes xampp has some difficulties to behave nicely, depending on your OS. Here are some of the “usual” conflicts I found and some ways to solve the issues.

– First check that nothing is using the 80 port. Xampp requires port 80 to work and some software like Skype can be using it. You just can change Skype port (or xampp port for 8080). In my case, the conflict was with my anti-virus software.

– The vista /seven UAC have also a huge conflict potential with xampp. The best way is to unable it, it’s anyway pretty annoying.

– The strangest error I encountered was an error 403, access forbidden when I was trying to access the security parameters of xampp to change the root password for mysql database. I found several solutions, but none seemed to work:

  • Giving xampp total control over the folder and installation folder was proposed on several forums and did not work,
  • Deleting .htaccess files did not work either!
  • The solution :
    • Open   “xamppapacheconfextrahttpd-xampp.conf” (in notepad ++ for example)
    • Replace the line “Allow from localhost” with “Allow from” (be careful you will have to do this for the 2 lines!)
    • Save file
    • Restart apache, you’re done!

Hope this will solve some problems for you.

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