Buy some Stickers!

I’m creating and printing cute stickers. If you are interested in some, I’ve created this page to list them all. I don’t have an official shop for now. Maybe one day, but for now, this is the easiest way.

a montage of the different stickers available on this page

How to order

Here’s how to proceed to order some stickers

  • Take a look at the list above. List which ones you want (what special paper glitter option if available) and number for each.
    I don’t have big quantities, so I limit to 3 stickers for each type per order. But, I can custom print a special order sheet for you, if you take more than 15 stickers of the same type (and paper type).
  • Once you know what you would like, contact me here or a in a DM on social media.
  • I will send you back an estimate, including shipping fees.
  • Once it’s accepted, I will send you a PayPal link for payment (including shipping fees)
  • I then need : Name on your mailbox, address formatted (in the format of your country). If it’s outside of Europe, I might need a phone number / email for customs (normally it goes into regular mail, but the post is sometimes picky).

Details about the stickers

All the stickers are waterproof. They are laminated with some protective overlay. Some have glossy, matte and some have a specific one with effects. See list of effects.

They are also hand made, aka, printed at home. It means that color might vary depending on paper used. Note that the effect sheet can also make the color vary a little.

Most of them are about 4cm to 5cm. Either width or height depending on if they are vertical or horizontal stickers.


Unless mentioned otherwise, the prices are:

  • 4EUR per stickers for matte and glossy ones
  • 5EUR per sticker for effect ones (see list of effects).

If you want to order a bigger quantity, let me know and I make a special discount.

Halloween Cats!

All of those are available with glossy or glitter star effect (see list of effects).  Let me know if you want all 5 I can do a group discount. They are all 5cm height

Orange Skeleton Cat

A purple cat with some skeleton painted in orange on its fur

HC1-a glossy (2 left), HC1-b glitter stars (4left)

Witchy Cat

A purple cat with an orange witch hat, a cauldron with green bubbles

HC2-a glossy (3 left), HC2-b glitter stars (4 left)

Pumpkin Cat

A purple cat in an orange pumpkin, the body of the cat is fully in the pumpkin

HC3-a glossy (2 left), HC3-b glitter stars (3 left)

Head Skeleton Cat

A purple cat in a skeleton head, with red mushrooms and orange leaves

HC4-a glossy (4 left), HC4-b glitter stars (4 left)

Ghost Cat

A light pink ghost cat

HC5-a glossy (1 left), HC5-b glitter stars (2 left)

Cute beasts stickers

All of those have glitter dots effect (see list of effects). No option without the gloss for now, but let me know if you want some, and I might print them (otherwise you can get the full beast sheet).

Cookies eating raccoon – B1

Size: 4.6 x 4.3 cm

a raccoon eating a cookie

B1-a glitter dots: out of stock / B1-b glitter stars: 5 left

Computer raccoon – B2

Size: 5.45 x 4.9cm

a raccoon behind a computer

B2-a glitter dots: 2 left / B1-b glitter stars: 3 left

Eat Trash Do Crime Opossum – B3

Size: 4.9 x 5.5 cm

an opossum in a trash bin saying "eat trash do crime"

B3-a glossy (no glitter, not in the picture): 3 left,  B3-b glitter stars: 5 left (not in the picture), dotted stars: 1 left (the one in the picture)

Be Cute Do Crime Capibara – B4

Size: 3.5 x 5.4cm

capibara in a barrel saying "be cute do crime"

B4-a Glossy (no glitter, not on the picture):4 left, B4-b Glitter stars: 7 left

The “multiple beasts” 5 stickers sheet: 6 EUR per sheet

A sheet of 5 waterproof stickers. Matte overlay. (not printed at home)

A sheet with 5 stickers: "be cute do crime" capibara in a barrel, a raccoon eating a cookie, a raccoon behind a computer, a raccoon in a trash bin that says "eat trash do crime", an opossum in a trash bin saying "eat trash do crime"

Best sheet, quantities left: 28

Details of each sticker:Each sticker listed before but photographed individually

Dinosaur holographic first print – 5 EUR per Sticker

Both version are holographic with glossy protective overlay. D-a has the dino printed in black and the skleton is holo, D-b is the other way, the dino is holo and the skeleton is printed

Size: 7.10 x 5.5cm

D-a: holographic dinosaur skeleton, black background D-b: holographic dinosaur background, black skelton Both say "Roar!"

D-a: (6 eft) D-b (2 left)

WARNING: those are the MVP and some have some laser printer traces (due to another sheet that bled on them). It kind of makes them unique. I might reprint some without the traces eventually, but I don’t have the paper anymore for now.

Mental health stickers

All of those are about 4cm – 5cm, either in height or width depending if they are horizontal or vertical. Tell me which number(s) you want 🙂

See list of effects

Mental health stickers: ADHD as Fuck (purple background), Drink some water (purple drop background), I anxiety JS (yellow background), I need a break (yellow background), Anxiety (cloud red background), Selfcare first (heart red background)

ADHD As Fuck – M1

Size: 4.5 x 4cm

ADHD as fuck, in different types of effects

M1-a a: regular glossy (5 left) or matte (2 left), M1-b: broken glass (2 left),  M1-c: holographic (10 left), M1-d glitter stars (1 left)

Drink Some Water – M2

Size: 3.7 x 4.2 cm

Drink some water (purple drop background)

M2-a: regular glossy ( 3 left) or matte (2 left), M2-b: broken glass (2 left), M2-c glitter star (3left)

I anxiety JS (M3), I need a break (M4), Anxiety (M5),

All of those are regular glossy or matte finish

Size: Anxiety 4 x 3.5cm , I need a break : 4.2 x 3.6cm, anxiety 5 x 3.2cm

I anxiety JS (yellow background), I need a break (yellow background), Anxiety (cloud red background),

M3 glossy (7 left) or matte (1 left), M4 glossy (3 left) or matte (4 left), M5 glossy (4 left) or matte (5 left)

Selfcare first (M6)

Specs: 4.5 x 4 cm

Seft care first test on a red heart

M6-a glossy (3 left) or matte (1 left) , M6-b Selftcare first broken glass (6 left)

Selfcare first “pink” limited edition (M6 pink)

I’m not going to lie: this is another printing mistake. But, I love it. My cartridge didn’t have any blue anymore, so I have a limited edition of those, in a pink I will never be able to reproduce.

Selfcare first (heart hot pink background)

M6-a pink holographic( 11 left), M6-b glitter stars (out of stock), M6-b pink: broken glass (7 left)

Spider Plant stickers

Size: 4.5 x 5cm

Spider plan in a pot, smiling

SP-a: regular glossy (3left) , SP-b: broken glass, (2left), SP-c: holographic (3left), SP-d: glitter stars (3left)

Monstera Plant stickers

Size: 5.2 x 5cm

Monstera with a yellow leaf saying "but what do you need?"

MP- a: regular glossy (2left), MP-b: glitter stars (1left), MP-c: holographic (1left)

Accessibility Rainbow

Size: 5.7 x 4.5cm

Rainbow of disabilities: cognitive, hearing, learning, mental, physical, visual

R-a: regular glossy (3 left, not the same size), R-b: broken glass (9 left), R-c star glitter (not in the picture): 4 left

Talk to your users – TU – 5 EUR per Sticker

Printed on with a very shiny glitter background. Perfect to convince people around you, because, glitter makes everything better, right?

Size: 7,5cm x 4.8cm (3″ × 1.92″)

"talk to your users" stickers, the text is in 2 speech bubbles and the "talk to" is on glitter background

TU : glitter and glossy finish, 16 left

UX Design Stickers — 4 EUR per Sticker

All stickers are yellow and purple illustrations. D1: a lady with a speech bubble and a magnifiying gass D2: a target with an arrow in it, a phone with a finger D3: a dashboard with graphs and a bubble in front of it D4: a flask, a wireframe of a website and a tree view

Glossy: 2 left of each

The Pentagram User Centric Design Process

The only user centric design process you will ever need again. Get it right, focus on your users, who cares if you conjure a demon or two during the process, right?

Pentagram holographic sticker – PH — 5 EUR per Sticker

This one is holographic and waterproof

Size:  7,6 cm × 6,5 cm

A holographic sticker, die cut, representing a parody of a design process. There's a white pentacle in the middle on dark background. The word "users" lie in the center of the pentacle. Around it, clockwise, the steps: collect (their souls), empathize (read their minds!), demon(cratize), eat their brain(storm), feed(back) the demon.

PH : holographic, 28 left

Shirts and more swag on Redbubble

You can find this fun one on my redbubble shop.

Screenshot of the redbubble page with tshirts of the pentagram

Steve the Seagull – ST — 4 EUR per Sticker

This one is printed on a transparent sheet, it has some layers of transparency (not home made). It’s waterproof too.

a seagull in a bottle, he is wearing red glasses, a scarf and in perched on a cheese

List of effects

Some stickers have specific overlay with certain effects. Here is the list of those. Keep in mind the overlay sheet is transparent and can be seen with there is light on the sticker.

Broken glass, holographic, glitter dots and glitter stars effect

Shipping fees

I will send them in a small envelope, it should not weight more than 50g, so it will go in the XS category (more info on Post website): 1.40€ for Europe, 1.75€ for the rest of the world.

If you order a bigger quantity, and it won’t fit the 50g/ 5mm rule, I will send it in bigger format: 4.20€ for Europe, 5.25€ for the rest of the world

(note that those rates may change based on the rate of the post office)

screenshot of the postal office rates (same ones as mentioned in plain text)

Note there is no tracking by default. But I can add a 1.98€ follow me (you only where the parcel is with a tracking number, or a  2.10€  acknowledgement of receipt.

Tracking options: Acknowledgement of receipt: 2,10EUR, FollowMe: 1,98EUR