Portrait illustration of Stéphanie with some purple ginger yellow hair, a fox, a sushi and some coffee

Hi, I'm Stéphanie.
I'm a UX Researcher & Product Designer.

Great design is where user needs and business goals meet. I seek to understand both to design user-centred, inclusive and accessible products and services.
I also write articles, teach design and talk at tech events all around the world.

When I’m not designing I enjoy drawing, riding my bike, playing video games, taking pictures of buildings and exploring new cooking recipes.

I’m an expert.

I spent the last decade helping clients in different industries (banking, financial, automotive, healthcare, press, travel, etc.) delivering successful projects to their users, all the way from strategy to the final products and services. I specialise in:

UX Research

I have a user centered approach to design and problem solving. I start with user research to understand their needs and painpoints. Then I prototype a solution and test, iterate until it's the perfect solution for them.

UX & Product Design

I design user friendly, inclusive and accessible products. I also work directly with development teams to deliver useful design specifications: user flows, mockups, design systems, interaction guidelines, etc.

Mobile Strategy

If you need assistance crafting an incredible and fast mobile user experience from native apps to responsive websites, get in touch!

I help other people grow.

On my blog, I share advice on user research, design, usability. Every week, I share a review of useful resources and articles to help the community grow. I’ve also collaborated with Smashing Magazine, The Pastry Box, Codrops, etc.

I give workshops & talks

I speak about topics that are dear to me (UX Design, accessibility, inclusive design, mobile, performance) and give workshops around the world.

Discover my talks

I  teach and mentor

I  belive in helping the future generations of Designers. This is why I teach (for University of Strasbourg) but also online and provide mentorship.

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I collaborated on some great projects

This is a just a small part of the great clients I collaborated with. You know how it is with designer portfolios: we don't have time to update them because we usually are super busy making our client's projects amazing. Also NDAs 🤫, and... that's basically it.

Investment Bank Enterprise UX

I am currently helping the European Investment Bank with the migrating of a 10+ year old project tool used by almost every department of the bank:

  • User Research: interviews, observations & workshops to understand how people currently use the system for their daily tasks and activities.
  • Product strategy and prioritization of the roadmap to decide how and what to migrate to the new system.
  • Prototyping and usability testing on important features.
  • Collaboration on a design system to make the product easier to maintain and evolve in the future.

UX Strategy & Design System

I helped Luxair & Luxairtours build a UX Design Strategy and grow their Design Maturity on different axes:

  • Assessment of current maturity; improvement proposals at different levels and evangelisation of user centric methods with stakeholders.
  • Lead of the design team on a daily basis to improve collaboration between stakeholder, devs and POs to break silos.
  • Creation of a design system initiative to bring more consistency across the different products of the brand
  • Improvement of the travel search engine

Digital Mortgage Simulator

Within BIL's design team, I helped on different projects, from the design of an investor's profile form to some ATM redesign research. The biggest project was the redesign of the digital mortgage journey, which included:

  • Competitor analysis and benchmark.
  • Service design workshops with the agents to rework the digital customer journey.
  • Rework of the information architecture to create 3 options based on 3 different levels of maturity in a real estate project.
  • Wireframes and prototyping of the final solution.

Visit the simulator of Digital Mortgage Simulator

Student Online Assessment tool

I worked within the HCI research team of the University of Luxembourg on User Research, Design and User Testing for an online assessement tool used by students to pass tests and exams. We tested different designs to find a usables yet almost invisible solution that will help users (students) focus on the exam part, not on the interface.

Read the Case Study (.pdf) of Student Online Assessment tool


I also like to draw cute things so I sometimes create illustrations for my conference slides, for fun and some logos for friends

Discover my Illustrations of Illustrations

Moooooar Projects

Let's be honest: I'm not a developer so it's easier for me at the moment to have a PDF presentation. So I created a "secret presentation" for you so that you can find out a little bit more details about my process (and see a few selected projects I didn't have time to put on this site yet)

See process and work presentation (.PDF)

They Trust me

Yeah, this is the part where I put the nice logos of the companies I was lucky to work with! See anyone you know here?

  • Les Echos
  • Luxtrust
  • Luxair
  • King Jouet
  • Microsoft
  • Fleetback
  • Bloomin
  • arhs
  • Leboncoin
  • BMW
  • University of Strasbourg
  • Orange
  • Alsacreations
  • Pandasuite
  • Vieconnect
  • European Investment Bank
  • University of Luxembourg
  • Nordika Travel
  • RSI
  • gereso
  • BIL
  • Insa
  • comexposium
  • Sogelife