Pixels of the Week – February 24, 2019

Stéphanie Walter

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Every week I share a list of curated articles, resources and tools about UX, UI and mobile design, Front-End development, HTML, CSS and more…

This week’s selection: UX and videogames, bad habits of UX designer, UX in the age of personalization, app onboarding, accessibility, regex cheat sheet, color scales generator, CSS grid layout and flexbox, introduction to WebBluetooth, WebAuthn guide, decision making, design systems handbook, Agile vs Design Sprints, etc.

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TL;DNR the one you should not miss

#UX #Video Games

What UX Designers Can Learn from Video Games’ Obsession with UI
The personalisation part is interesting, I play a moba on tablett & phone and I don’t want the menu options to be in the same place because I don’t hold them the same way, I can change them

Interesting article



#Social Medias

The curse of the reply guy on Twitter“, yes, yes yes, creepy as hell. Also the fear of blocking them because then they come and complain on LinkedIn or emails is so familiar 🙁


  • HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points, if we make it so that you have to understand programming to even start, then we take something open and enabling, and place it back in the hands of those who are already privileged. true.
  • Guide to Web Authentication“, nicely written and illustrated, easy to read.
  • An Introduction To WebBluetooth , Website, web apps and PWAs being able to connect to bluetooth might look trivial to some of you, like, okay, who wants to connect a smart lights bulbes to a browser, we have apps for that. BUT We’re currently seeing a big shift, from heavy native clients to software as a service (SaaS) models in a lot of industries. The browser (and the cloud) are becoming the platform. I believe there’s a huge potentiel for WebBluetooth for enterprise IoT.
  • Do we still need JavaScript frameworks?

#Process #Workflow

Agile Sprints vs. Design Sprints – when to use a design sprint and the concept of “code sprint”, never heard of this, it’s a smart idea to reconciliate every part of the process


Accidents Waiting To Happen Thanks To These Architects And Designers

Inspiration, fun demos and Great ideas

#Pixar #Video

Purl, a Pixar SparkShorts on diversity in the workplace.

#Women #TED

“If men knew how often women were filled with white hot rage when we cried, they would be staggered.”, an interesting TED talk on Women’s anger


An experiment where midi songs become cities <3



How A Screen Reader User Accesses The Web: A Smashing Video super interesting webinar

Useful tools and plugins that will make your life easy

#Profile Pic

If you are looking for a new profile image >> An illustrated avatar collection


A really cool tool to help you generate color scales

#Psychology #Decision

28 models that help to understand how people make decisions – a useful little poster


A “free if you five me your email” ebook on Design systems: Design Systems Handbook

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