Workshops and Training

Remote and in person training and teaching

I have years of extensive experience in training both professionals and students on various UX related topics. Some examples of the workshops and trainings I have offered in the past include, but are not limited to: building better products, user research, information architecture, mobile UX and strategy, cognitive biases. Also, check my Speaking page if you are interested in conference talks.

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Workshops and Master Classes

3h to 6h Workshop

Accessibility for Designers

A hands-on workshop focusing on integrating accessibility into the design process. Understand how to prevent, identify, and correct accessibility issues already in the design phase. Learn effective documentation techniques to enhance team communication and incorporate accessibility features and best practices into the product roadmap. Walk away with valuable tools and resources for your projects.

Workshop Details of Accessibility for Designers

2h Online Workshop

Introduction to User Interviews: How to ask good questions

Participants engaged in comprehensive learning with expert advice and hands-on activities, using my unique deck of interview question cards. They improved on how to build a detailed user interview guide, formulate insightful questions and conduct interviews with ease, including asking pertinent follow-up questions. They also learn important note-taking strategies.

Details on Meetup of Introduction to User Interviews: How to ask good questions

10h Online Workshop

Building Better Products

How do you make sure your product matches your user needs and goals? A 10h step-by-step guide to design and build digital products, from initial user research to implementation with the development team: 5 sessions, 10 practical exercises, a BIG miro board, a nice figma file, and 18 more resources for participants to keep learning and practicing!

Smashing Worskshop of Building Better Products

3h Online Workshop

Information Architecture - building reusable components & pages

I teach my adaptive step by step framework to help build pages and components, starting from user needs all the way to low fidelity wireframes. We go through: user flow, content model, content prioritisation, list/detail pattern identification, low fidelity wireframes. The workshop comes with a reusable Miro board.

Concentric Conference of Information Architecture - building reusable components & pages

2h Online Workshop

Testing the “Abusability” of your products & services

A participative online workshop. Participants learned how we can challenge our concepts, test and foresee how product could abused by bad actors and unethical people. This helps designers imagine solutions to prevent misuses and damages.

Eventbrite page of Testing the “Abusability” of your products & services

3h Masterclass

Architecture for Reusable and Adaptive Components

A 3 hours session with students of CEFIM where I explained my work as a UX designer, then we worked on building information architecture for reusable components

CEFIM website of Architecture for Reusable and Adaptive Components

3h Masterclass

Mobile Strategy for responsive design and web

A 3 hours masterclass on how to chose what mobile strategy works for your project, about responsive web design, PWAs, mobile browser features and mobile user behavior. For the students of Université Libre de Bruxelles

ULB UX Certificate of Mobile Strategy for responsive design and web

2h Workshop

Discover Cognitive biases

Whether you are creating the user experience of an interfaces or purchasing something online, it is important to be aware of different cognitive biases that will impact behaviors. This workshop uses our 60+ bias cards (printed in person or in Miro/Figjam remotely ) to help raise awareness around within teams.

Discover the workshop of Discover Cognitive biases

3h Masterclass

Mobile UX: building usable and delightful mobile apps

A workshop for Workshop Summit 2020 (Brussels) on mobile usability and stategy, gathering user needs and requirements and how to build a quick paper prototype to test ideas in a a guerilla usability testing session.

Check the summary of Mobile UX: building usable and delightful mobile apps

1d Mentoring

Introduction to User Journey Map

I spend an afternoon coaching and mentoring startups for for WIDE, Women in Digital Empowerment in Luxembourg and I gave the introduction keynote of the event on User Journey Maps

Get the slides of Introduction to User Journey Map

4h Workshop

UX Starter Crash Course

I facilitated a workshop for WIDE, Women in Digital Empowerment in Luxembourg. The audience was a nice mix between students and entrepreneurs with a project/ website and the goal is to help them discover how to build a product with a user centric approach. For this workshop I also created a little kit that you can print and re-use.

See the slides and UX kit of UX Starter Crash Course

2h Meetup Workshop

User Journey Map

For our June UX in Lux workshop, Laurence Vagner and I presented the User Journey Maps methods, tool to help the designers understand the journey, the thoughts, pain points and emotions of the user and identify opportunities for improvement along the way.

See the workshop slides of User Journey Map

2h Meetup Workshop

Card sorting

For this first UX in Lux meetup, we focused on Information Architecture and Cards Sorting. As small groups we tested, the card sorting method to regroup data and create an information architecture of a website and group icons

See the Card Sorting Slides of Card sorting

Teaching Classes

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I teach a "Mobile UX & Responsive Web Design" classe, remotely in_array different unversity bachelor and master degrees.

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