Speaking and writing

I speak at conferences

I give talks and workshokshops and speak at meetups all over the world. I speak about UX process, mobile design, perceived performance and more. I see CSS and HTML as design tools and want to fill the gap between designers and developers. You can check all my slides on My Speakerdeck.

In 2018

(French) Un « joli » Template ne rendra pas votre produit utilisable

At Dev Fest Nantes and BlendWebMix. Making your product look pretty will not make it usable. I present my process to build products with UI frameworks while still having a user centric approach. It is all about team collaboration and understanding your user needs.

See the conference slides (FR)

(French) L’UX au service de la performance de vos interfaces

For the first edition of We Love Speed. The French version of my talk on UX and Design techniques to enhance percieved performance on different projects. Video of the talk (in French)

See the conference article (FR)

Secret Super powers of Mobile Browsers

For TechFest Bucharest. Unleash the power of HTML5 APIs and Progressive Web Apps (PWAS) to bring your mobile experience to the next level: geolocation, media, battery status and bluetooth access, offline support, push notifications, launch icons and more, directly in mobile browsers.

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Hello my name is St�phanie

For Voxxed Days Luxembourg. From forms not accepting special characters to issues with visa, passports and problems to board a plane, the technical decisions we take have impact on end users lives. It’s about time we acknowledge that and stop letting the needs of the database dictate our interfaces. See video of the talk (in French)

See the conference slides

Cheating the UX When There Is Nothing More to Optimise

For Pixel Pioneers, Bristol. A talk on perceived performance and User Experience. I take a look at a few projects I worked on to show how to use various design and UX techniques to improve web performance also at the level of user perception.

See the conference slides

(French) Stratégie mobile et capacités des navigateurs modernes

For Yajug Luxembourg. A talk on different mobile strategies and when to use each: native mobile apps, responsive web design, mdot sites, progressive webapps and hybrid apps.

See the conference article (FR)

Workshop – Card sorting

For this first UX in Lux meetup, we focused on Information Architecture and Cards Sorting. As small groups we tested, the card sorting method to regroup data and create an information architecture of a website and group icons

See the Card Sorting Slides

In 2017

Cheating The UX When There Is Nothing More To Optimize

A conference on the perception of speed I gave for Smashing Conference, Barcelona. I share how to use different design and UX techniques to work performance also at the level of user perception. See video of the talk.

See the conference article

(French) Atelier – Construire Une Architecture d’Information adaptée au Mobile

One hour and a half workshop for Paris Web. To help build a responsive site, I propose different exercices and methods to build a mobile optimized information architecture and set content priorities based on different screen sizes.

Read the workshop transcript (FR)

(French) Construire une application Ionic sans perdre la raison

A conference for Confoo, Montréal. I share some process on how we collaborated and built an ionic application with my developer, some tools and best practise for an effiscient designer / developer collaboration

Read the conference article (FR)

(French) Tricher grâce à l’UX quand il n’y plus de code optimisable

Another conference for Confoo, Montréal. I talk about the perception of speed, cognitive psychology and how our brain works. I explain how to visually optimize interfaces, cheat and redirect user's attention while they wait to decrease the perceived waiting time.

See the conference article (FR)

In 2016

(French) Aidez-moi à remplir vos formulaires mobile !

A conference for Blend Web Mix, Lyon on mobile form user experience and HTML5 tricks to make those forms more usable. See video of the talk.

Read the talk article (FR)

Forget about apps, could the future be in the mobile browser?

A conference for Nightly Build, Koln with a few tangible examples to see how HTML5 APIs and CSS3 will enhance user experience in mobile browsers in a really close future See video of the talk.

See the conference article

(French) Améliorer l’expérience utilisateur grâce aux animations CSS3

Another conference for Confoo, Montréal. I talk about how we can use some CSS3 animations to enhance user experience of websites and mobile applications

Read the talk article (French)

(French) Le futur du web dans le navigateur mobile ?

A talk for Confoo, Montréal on modern mobile browser capabilities and how we can user those HTML5 APIs to enhance user experience.

Read the talk article (FR)

Older talks and workshops

In 2015

  • (French)  Stratégies d’adaptation mobile : ergonomie, UX et performance en milieu périlleux , a talk for BlendWebMix on mobile optimization and performance See the article. and the video of the talk.
  • (French) WorkshopGuérilla Responsive Design – L’atelier qui vous fera aimer le mobile " an hour and a half workshop for  Flupa UX-Day 2015 on finding new ways to build flexible responsive design. Slides and abstract here.
  • (French) "Faites rentrer votre éléphant dans une Smart™ – Bonnes pratiques sur mobiles", for WPMX Day 2015 on mobile best practise and mobile performance tips for WordPress developers. See the slides.
  • (French) Workshop - Construire et prototyper rapidement un concept d’application mobile" for Bizz and Buzz 2015 à Strasbourg. The basics to build a mobile app : defining the concept, creating personas, writing some quick requirements, building the user flow and paper prototyping it See the slides
  • Delighting Users Through CSS Animation Techniques, a talk for ConveyUX, Seattle on using CSS3 animations to delight users and help them better understand the interface. Slides and demos are here and you watch the video of the talk

In 2014

  • (French) Guérrilla design en milieu hostile : responsive et mobilité at DevFest à Nantes. How to build a responsive site and survive, how to communicate responsiveness in a designer/ developer team and with clients. See the slides and watch the video

In 2013

I also teach and write articles

I teach mobile usability and Responsive Web Design at the University of Strasbourg.

I also have an online blog where I share my knowledge on UX and UI Design, User Research, Usability, mobile optimization and more. Every week I publish a curated list of useful articles, links and ressources. I also write for different other blogs and magazines like Smashing Magazine, Codrops, Noupe and more.

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