Pixels of the Week – January 31, 2021

Every day, I share on twitter and LinkedIn a list of curated articles I read, resources and tools about UX Design, User Research, UI and mobile design, HTML, CSS, the web industry, some process, some inspiration, etc. This is an archive of everything I shared this week.

#Now – what I’m up to

This week I gave a talk on performance and designing the “forgotten” cases for we love speed. Here’s a “behind the scene” screenshot, getting ready for the Q and A. Am I listening to KDA and to my own talk to answer the questions? Maybe… That’s kind of the “nice” part of pre-recording you talk: you can answer questions on the slack while they broadcast it. Sounds like we finally found a way to clone me, my boss will be happy 😀

And next week I will talk about designing beyond the pixel perfect idealistic case for webstories so I am currently polishing some slides and rehearsing (then I’ll write a transcript for those 2 talks ^^).

TL;DNR the ones you should not miss

#Color #Accessibility

Pika is a cool open source color picker for mac that also lets you compare colors to quickly confirm WCAG compliance. It has different color spaces, keyboard shortcuts and more. I love it. Created by Charlie Gleason (@superhighfives)

Interesting article

#UX #Metrics
Simon Vandereecken (@s1monvdk) wrote 2 interesting (and short) articles on surveys to track user experience: The Infamous NPS and The ULUX-Lite survey

#Psychology #Books

A great list of “Book Recommendations: Interaction Design & Cognitive Psychology” by Darren Hood


Interesting analysis of Instagram’s monetization. I enjoy Instagram because I curated a feed of art, typography and inspiration, but yes, all of the “monetization of people’s lifestyle” becomes super annoying – By @GrowthDotDesign


CSS Frameworks, hype and dogmatism” by Andy Bell (@piccalilli_) a great article on personal preferences when it comes to tools, dogmatism, “if it works it is right” and all the hot drama around Tailwind


I like those honest types: “My top tips for your first 3 months in a new tech role: An HONEST article.” by Laura Jane (her tips, not mine)


Size doesn’t just matter — in web development it also tends to be relative.” an interesting article by Moritz Jacobs (@moritzjacobs) on CSS units, the absolute ones ^^

#UX #Bootcamps

The diminishing returns on UX bootcamps” an interesting analysis from Yichen He on why it is not easy to find a job after a UX bootcamp (while it used to be easier 5 years ago). It’s nice to see more and more voices on that topic.


Lessons From the Scariest Design Disaster in American History” by Cliff Kuang and how a poorly designed light almost lead to a disaster

Inspiration, fun experiments and great ideas


A nice and soothing video of surreal dreamlike environments with perpetual motion installations to bring you a little bit of calm this Friday (by Andreas Wannerstedt @Wannerstedt)

#Pacman #GSAP

Hahaha some pacman “show my password” animation greatness by @jh3yy

#JS #Demo

We all need a confetti cannon in your life, trust me (by @damntelevision)


Legends, a dataviz project by @sxywu showing the 51 women how have been awarded the Nobel Prize since 1901.

#Demo #Generative

A snowflake generator in the browser that is strangely relaxing (created by Vivian Wu @viviariums)

#Dataviz #Art

If you like dataviz, art, you should check out Nicolas Rougeux’s (@rougeux) website and instagram


A list of Things women in literature died from, and it’s hilarious

Podcasts& Videos

#Gaming #SexistComment

My Queen of the week, the month, the year so far is negaoryx, roasting a guy for making a sexist comment during her stream, then trying to pass this as “you don’t know how to take a joke”. This is what women in video gaming but also tech face ALL THE TIME. And her reply is just, well, perfect. I don’t know which part it the best, the “you didn’t to the joke part yet” or “you’re a footnote in everyone else’s history” but this is the perfect answer to any “but I was just joking” after horrible sexist joke and I love this, eternal respect!


Q: How can I tell which CX/UX tasks we should give to product managers, engineers, marketing, & others?

Interesting answer by @Delta_CX A: If they wouldn’t qualify to get a job in CX or UX at our company, why are we having them do the work?

Useful tools and resources that will make your life easy


If like me, you have difficulties saying “no” sometimes to people, here is a list of 31 templates you can import to say no to recruiters, interviews, sales people, work, free work, social events, etc.

#CSS #Shadow

The ultimate CSS dropshadow generator is here (by funkensturm). Also there’s a figma plugin for this ^^


If you are looking for a public API, for, well, anything, it might be listed in this big directory of public APIs