Pixels of the Week – January 6, 2016

Pixels of the Week – January 6, 2016

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Every week I post a lot of my daily readings about Web, UI and UX Design, mobile design, webdesign tools  and useful ressources, inspiration on twitter and other social networks.

This week’s selection: talented designer and why we are no artists, how to build modular code and design, a little bit of UX, mobile onboarding, beautiful typography and what happens when you mix tea and pantones in a colorful experiment, many CSS and SVG tutorials and a few tools to help you build flexbox, use OpenType, create a site styleguide and a small responsive menu.

TL;DNR the one you should not miss

#Responsive #Design

Content Display Patterns, un excellent article on modular code and how we should build the code based on the reusability of elements and not on their design

Interesting article


Nice, short, well written and true: I’m Not a Talented Designer


Interesting if you end up creating goodies for example: How to Optimize Your T-Shirt Designs for Max Wearability


Feeew: CSS STILL SUCKS 2015 – And How We Try To Work Around It (presentation slides)


Small is Beautiful: Why Desktop UX still has something to teach Mobile


Fight for UX, an introduction to 5 principles of user experience using posters


The 21-Step Checklist for Bulletproof Mobile User Onboarding


Shields Down, an excellent read on when and how you start thinking about resigning

Inspiration and Great ideas


Both cuteness and sadeness overload <3


How could I have missed this robot boogie website?

#CSS #Typography

Swissincss.com is a homage to the International Typographic Style in CSS and it’s beautiful

#Color #Tea

Paletteforyourpalate: a tea a pantone and a mood as inspiration for a beautiful, culinary and colorful experiment


22 Inspirational Videos for Designers


Inspiration for line menu styles



Blending Modes Demystified, let’s do the maths 🙂


Optimising SVGs for Web Use , Part 1 and Part 2


An Introduction to CSS’s @supports Rule (Feature Queries)

Useful ressources, tools and plugins that will make your life easy

#CSS #Opentype

Utility OpenType, CSS utility classes for advanced typographic features (with explanation)


HTML5 Forms inputmode attributes looks promising, such a shame the support is so bad 🙁

#Menu #Mobile

Paradeiser – Interesting menu script if you have a flat and not too complex architecture


Layout-editor  an online flexbox editor to help you

#CSS #Chrome

Unstack Style Guide, a useful chrome extension that shows a site’s background color, texte colors & typography

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