What Users Want from Mobile – a case study about user expectations on mobile

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I saw a lot on blog magazines and conferences some statistics about user expectations on mobile. But I always wondered where those figures came from. I was finally able to find the study behind the figures. It’s a study made in 2011 by “Equation Research”. The results where published in a .PDF under the name What Users Want from Mobile

Some figures you might want to remember:

About 60% of users expect your website on mobile to load in less than 3 seconds

About 60% of users expect your website on mobile to load in less than 3 seconds74% of your users are willing to wait only 5 seconds for the page to load before they will leave your website

71% of the users except your site to load as fast if not faster on mobile

71% des utilisateurs s'attendent à ce qu'un site sur mobile soit aussi rapide que sur bureau, si ce n'est plus rapide

What do those figures teach us? That performance and optimization are the key to a successful mobile stategy.


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