Where to find free CC0 images for your projects

Where to easily find free CC0 images for your projects

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More and more sites offer great images under Creative Commons 4 – CC BY 4.0 you can use for free. This is great if you can actually attribute the author. If you can’t attribute for any reason (sometimes clients won’t let you, sometimes it’s hard to add yet another attribution on the poster where you have already so many legal text), you could always look for images under the Creative Commons CC0 licence. CC0 licences don’t require attribution, but to thank the authors you could share those sites on social networks or tell friends about them 🙂 #sharethelove!

Here is a selection of my favorite sites where you can find nice CC0 images for inspiration and use on project, conference slides, etc. Personally I really love using those images in conferences, they don’t look too much “stockphoto-ish” and you can have some nice surprises and outside the box thinking sometimes.












Unsplash is well known but now it has a search form, yeahy





And more …

The last one is pretty handy: you can search CC0 images on 22 others sites.

Stock uphttp://stokpic.com/

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