Photoshop: export to mdpi hdpi xhdpi xxhdpi and xxxhdpi for Android assets

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In 2012 I created a Photoshop quick action to export Android assets in different formats. The devices have changed a lot since 2012, and so did the Android assets formats. Ldpi (low dpi) is gone, and we have new formats like xxhdpi and even xxxhdpi.

In 2019, we don’t need an action for that anymore since Photoshop lets you do that natively. I updated this article to show you how to export your assets with the new versions of Photoshop.

First, you will need to put each asset into an artboard. The artboard tool is hidden under the Move tool (V). You will need artboards for that, slices don’t work.

Then, you go to “File > Export > Export As”. You will see the export as dialog. On the top left, you can chose different scales. This is where the maths starts. If you designed at mdpi like I do (before it’s easier for the maths), it’s 1x. Here is what you will need for Android:

  • MDPI – if you design 1x like I do you already have this one
  • LDPI – 0.75x
  • HDPI – 1.5x
  • XHDPI – 2.0x
  • XXHDPI – 3x
  • XXXHDPI – 4.0x

You can do the same for iOS, check the size here for more information. To know a little bit about Android icon formats you can read the iconography part. Also you can check Android Assets studio for more automated tools.

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4 thoughts on “Photoshop: export to mdpi hdpi xhdpi xxhdpi and xxxhdpi for Android assets

  1. We have an issue when scaling for hdpi that the assets are half a pixel out?
    Do you have an answer to this problem?