Myriam’s SEO, SXO and everything in between Links for Winter 2019

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Hi! It’s me again, Myriam. I’m taking over the links of the week to share unusual content from around the web. Do not hesitate to give me feedback on what you like or don’t like.

This winter we’ll talk about HR nightmares and terrifying red flags in job interviews, office parties, block chain and tulips because I promise there’s a link between those two,  SEO and the indexation of JavaScript websites, black names stereotyped and a devil wears prada moment. Enjoy!

Category #1: HR Nightmares

#Workforce #HR

Let me introduce you to the evil HR lady. From figuring out office parties, colleagues’ birthdays all the way to 25 hilariously…terrifying red flags on job interviews, the evil HR lady is here for you.

#office #party #cocktail

Here’s a handy list of alcoholic things you can drink when you are trying to get on the healthy side of things. You know this is useful content because they start with a “decide how much you care” section.

#Workforce #Google

Google has around half of its staff as temporary workers. I worked at a company that had recruiting behaviors like this. Based on my experience alone, I can venture and say that I prefer to work in an environment where you don’t feel like you are “separate but equal” with others around you. I was seen as a beacon of hope for those seeking to become full-time and didn’t realize the privilege that I had.

Category #2: Random Link Love

#WTF #Blockchain #Tulips

Tulipmania gripped Europe in the 17th century. Now it’s gone global thanks to the Blockchain. If you are reading this going WTF?! Read this article.

#German #JavaScript #Google #React #Node #Angular

My favorite video presenter is Hypnotoad but right after, as a close second, we have Martin Splitt. Here he is, patiently explaining how Google indexes JavaScript sites.

And now for the German part: Here’s something you should know about Martin: he is from Germany but living in the German part of Switzerland. Stéphanie Walter is from the “German” side of France so her German is different from the other two Germans we spoke about. She lives in Luxembourg were they speak a fourth type of German. Did you understand all that? If so, you’ll easily understand how Google indexes JavaScript sites. If you didn’t understand any of this, don’t fret, Martin is 100% better at explaining things than I am so go watch his video.

#Design #Typography #Apple

Apple released its long lost font from the original Mac…for free! I may be late to this party but I love the fact that this is a thing.

Category #3: Going Down the Youtube Rabbit Hole

#Black #Culture #PBS

Black names are often stereotyped and it sucks. Even as I was watching this video, I got served a Youtube ad banner touting criminal record checks. Let’s move past that for 10 minutes and learn some interesting historical and cultural things.

#YouTube #Algorithms #Paedophiles

All of what I am going to say should be prefaced by ALLEGEDLY because we don’t want legal troubles. TL;DR YouTube can easily turn into a rabbit hole for paedophiles.

Direct quote: “After the Times alerted YouTube to the fact that its recommendations system was launching viewers from adult, erotic videos to home movies of children, YouTube immediately changed their algorithm, chalking the error up to “routine tweaks to its algorithms.”

#Youtube #Perfectionism #DevilWearsPrada

Miranda Priestly: a defense of perfectionism by the The Take : this is a video I want to share because it matters to me. Myriam’s life moments related to this video:

  • Age 5: “Mom, I want to be a boy, they get to do more things”.
  • Age 10: “I want a career, not a husband.”
  • Age 16: “I don’t know what I want to be in life but I know that I want to be the bitch that says the yellow is just too yellow”. #pixelperfect
  • Age 20: “My future plans are to be an old lady with 12 poodles in New York City.”

Miranda was my chosen destiny. I met someone who put my career ahead of his and we travel the world with a miniature dachshund instead of 12 poodles. I’m doing Miranda my way folks, tyranny and all included.