Myriam’s SEO, SXO and everything in between Links – July 2019

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Hello, come on in, have a seat! Are you in an overcrowded bus? That’s ok, this list if perfect to fill up your time. Wondering what this is? Once in a while, I come into this blog to provide interesting links. These links can be anything from life hacks, technical articles and even maybe some really good clickbait. I was a librarian once upon a time. Content curation is something I just can’t leave behind.

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Wait, before you do though, let me introduce myself in 5 bullets points (or less!):

  • My name is Myriam
  • Every year, I get the same Black Forest birthday cake
  • We travel the world, me, husband and our sausage dog
  • I met Stéphanie Walter years ago because of negative SEO

Category #1: Things That are Easy to Hate

#freedom #data #digitalcitizen

Goodbye Big Five : careful, this isn’t an article but a section in a website. You should start with the first article. Here’s a quick recap: a reporter (Kashmir Hill) spent 2 months blocking Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple from getting her money, data, and attention. It made her life hell.

#management  #darkside #Slack

Can your boss read your DMs? Here how to find out if your boss can download your direct messages in Slack.

#Popup #CRO #Design

Surprisingly Awesome Popup Design : check out these examples. As a marketer, I KNOW some of us refuse to give up popups. Let’s make them better!

Category #2: Human Interests

#DeceptiveDesignPatterns #UX #Creepy

Here’s a comprehensive intro to deceptive patterns from an informed human. A/B Testing is messing with us: No, it’s not just in your head. Find out how marketing and UX tests mess with our minds.

#respect #women #metoo

For women in business, it’s about respect first. This is a no BS explanation. This isn’t about teaching lessons, making some folks feel guilty or validating others in their opinions. It’s just a simple note on how to get respect as a business woman.

#HR #Recruiting #Starbucks

Quick reminder for humans looking to hire other humans: interviewing job applicants in a coffee shop is NO BUENO.

Category #3: User Interests

#UX #clichés

A comprehensive list of UX clichés: I am sure many of y’all reading this could add a few to the list! Bonus: 5 popular (and some hopefully dying) UX patterns that users hate: We all have opinions on certain things. I know this is an odd one. Who decided that *users* hate something. It’s kind of like saying “the internet has spoken and…”. However, there are some things we can often agree on: hating on popups, infinite scrolling and more.

#Design #BestBehavior

Consult this chat to see if you are indeed an asshole designer.

#UX #E-commerce #Search

Onsite search optimization is my jam. I like search bars so much, I made a business out of it. True story, there’s a big online lingerie store where I live that returned 0 results when you search for the most common local term for panties. Imagine having a website that sells panties return 0 results for the word “knickers”…I shamed them into fixing their onsite search 😛