Pixel Pioneers – Cheating The UX When There Is Nothing More To Optimize

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Last Friday I attended Pixel Pioneers in Bristol and had to opportunity to speak about User Experience and Perceived Performance. I took a look at a few projects I worked on to show how to use various design and UX techniques to improve web performance also at the level of user perception. Because in the end, we might not all have the budget of big companies like Instagram or Pinterest, but there’s still a lot we can achieve if we collaborate.

Here is the description of the talk:

“You have optimised every line of code of your site or mobile app and used all the techniques at your disposal to have the fastest loading time possible. But you don’t have Instagram or Pinterest’s budget, right? Let’s talk about perceived performance and influencing the users’ perception of speed!”

The slides are available on speakderdeck and here:

See the Slides on Speakerdeck