Pixels of the Week – December 16 , 2018

Stéphanie Walter

Senior UX Designer - Mobile Expert

Senior UX Designer. Mobile Expert. Public speaker. Blog writer. Google Dev Expert Product Design (GDE)

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Every week I post a lot of my daily readings about Web, UI and UX Design, mobile design, webdesign tools  and useful resources, inspiration on twitter and other social networks.

This week’s selection: thoughts on front-end and JS gatekeepers, design options, debug CSS, typography ressources and free fonts, building a great portfolio, prototype in code, shadow DOM, UI & UX trends, design 404 pages,  naming colors in CSS and in design tools, design tools survey, accessibility, CSS,  risk of homogeneous web with browser uniformisation, etc.

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TL;DNR the one you should not miss


Reluctant Gatekeeping: The Problem With Full Stack “The value you want form a CSS expert is their CSS, not their JavaScript, so it’s absurd to make JavaScript a requirement.” Yes so much yes 🙁

Interesting article


  • A UX Guide For Designing Error Pages. Answer: who caused the issue,  what happened & why,  when will it be solved, how can user solve it. Then tie if to brand identity and try to delight users
  • 2018 design tools survey is out, interesting data about our industry. Main finding: Sketch became the tool for everything, from user flow to wirefame to UI design (or is there a sampling bias here?)
  • Unraveling a complex UX problem: how to solved information architecture problems with competitor’s analysis, user flows and card sorting




  • Stop showing design options and commit“, yes yes and yes, to do that you need to trust your designer. But if not one option, the general rule is the more people in the room, the fewer options to discuss.
  • My struggle with colors – building an accessible color palet and naming the color in a consistent way is not easy. I also use the HSL and lightness to name mine on some projects, works well. For instance gray-10 gray-95, etc.



Advice from women in design on building a great portfolio


Prototypes and production” great read on 2 different mindsets. Of course it should go without saying that you should never, ever release prototype code into production. Of course… But so many people still do that mistake


Fortnite Is so Much More Than a Game – Teens have always created their own spaces to experiment, socialize, and indulge idle curiosity
This kind of makes me want to try the game even if I suck at FPS


Mandatory read if you organise or talk at a conference!!!!!!

Inspiration, fun demos and Great ideas


Larcon VII, That retro conference site is awesome <3


Inspiration of the day, beautiful site: Sea Harvest <3


2019 UI Trends (and a few UX stuff), “Deep flat is the new flat” made me giggle

Useful tools and plugins that will make your life easy


Debucsser – a tool with an unpronounceable name to help you debug CSS


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