Pixels of the Week – April 17, 2022

Every day, I share on Twitter and LinkedIn a list of curated articles I read, resources and tools about UX Design, User Research, UI and mobile design, HTML, CSS, the web industry, some process, some inspiration, etc. This is an archive of everything I shared this week.

#Now – what I’m up to

I’m back on holidays for one little week. This time there’s sun so I hope to get plenty of bike rides. And some Tiny Tiny Wonderlands (if the game stops crashing every 45 minutes) and illustrations if it rains. See you in 2 weeks!

TL;DNR the one you should not miss

#User Research

A lot of articles tell you how to conduct user interviews, but never tell you how you can analyze that amount of data. If you need help with the later, read this: 4 methods for analyzing user interviews

Interesting article

#Information Architecture

5 different sources of UX complexity help explain and analyze the special design issues in complex applications: the article and the video

#User Research


Globalizing Your UX Designs: an interesting article full of practical tips to help you localize and globalize your products, from scheduling to design phase and more

#Job Offer / Interview


CSS has introduced the :has pseudo-class which allows styling a parent based on a relative CSS selector!


Let’s fix the 6 main #accessibility issues of our websites (low contrast text, missing alt text, empty links, missing form input labels, empty buttons, missing document language) in 6 weeks for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, who’s up for it?

Inspiration, fun experiments and great ideas


@fairydropartis is a swedish Illustrator with a love for mushrooms, fairytales and games, and oh my those mushrooms are the cutest. Here’s her Instagram


Kathryn Steele (@klsteeleart) is a freelance artist, gamer, and pug lady. I love her fantasy work


#Stretch #Exercice

Musclewiki: you can select different muscles of your body and get stretching, weight, and other exercises for those. If you spent time at a desk, definitely checking the lower back stretch exercises


In case you wonder what would happen if you mix Comic Sans and Helvetica, here you go. You are welcome


A really large sword that make me laugh

Useful tools and resources that will make your life easy


If you are looking for a small open source invoicing webapp you can install on your own servers here you go: Arcinvoice


Here is a nice checklist for creating accessible websites and web applications. Each element has some extra links to help you dig further. It’s not complete to get WCAG compliant and some items are not in WCAG but it’s a start if you don’t know where to start.

#Mental Health

This nice website grades and offers professional reviews of different digital health resources to help you find the right one @PsyberGuide

Talks and Conferences

#UX Talk

A great talk by @thee_renee on how she used all the experience she gained in different jobs to become a researchH.E.R (Highly Enterprise Ready)

#Product Design

Pics, or it didn’t happen: @funnygodmotherpresents 4 lenses (problem, inclusion, change, system) and questions associated to each of them to help you solve the question “should you build it?” in this amazingly talk

#Tone And Voice

Your Personality is Your Brand with Lianna Patch, a great talk on how to user humor in email communication for your brand. And when to not.


Dear fellow CSS enthusiasts, @cssdayconf is back with an awesome line-up. on June 9 & 10in Amsterdam, NL

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