Pixels of the Week – January 17, 2021

Every day, I share on twitter and LinkedIn a list of curated articles I read, resources and tools about UX Design, User Research, UI and mobile design, HTML, CSS, the web industry, some process, some inspiration, etc. This is an archive of everything I shared this week.

#Now – what I’m up to

Honestly I think I am in some sort of “UX article noise burn out”.  I feel like 80% of the articles I see out there around UX design is noise and bullshit. This explains why there’s currently more inspiration and front-end in those weekly links. I just don’t have the bandwidth for long articles and try to avoid the noise.

Also on a more nice note, my little “animated” explanation of CSS transition vs animations made it to the top 100 of CodePen‘s most hearted of 2020, yeahyy

TL;DNR the one you should not miss


People are not trying to become experts in your product, they are just trying to do the thing and move on to something else“, another great episode of @katerutter
and @lauraklein’s What is Wrong with UX podcast about designing for, people.

Interesting article

#Design Interfaces

A Brief History of Web Design Tools And the original sin” by @eden_vid. I like those “let’s take a look at the roots of how it all began” stories because it usually helps understand how we got were we are now. Also, RIP Flash ^^


I am happy to see more people promote academic research paper in design and HCI fields! Most papers are behind paywalls of “academic publications”, but you can check the abstract which should give you enough to decide if it’s worth buying it.


“Turns out giving an internet-connected device control of your penis may not be the best idea ever.” NO KIDDING?

Inspiration, fun experiments and great ideas

A fun and cool SVG Blob-u-lator (you need to open if with Chrome) by Adam Kuhn (@cobra_winfrey)

#Illustration #Poem

A beautiful 3 minutes of animated poetry for your Friday “What happened when we all stopped”, a beautiful animated poem narrated by Jane Goodall”


If you need courage for this week, here is a video of people jumping (and not jumping) from a 10 m tower into the pool and it’s strangely satisfying. (I would just not recommend 2 piece swimwear for that exercise, trust me on that)


The Chrome Music Lab has some really cool musical experiments in the browser. I particularly love the Kandinsky one. Which one is your favourite?

#Inspiration #Rebranding

I’m not a big fan of junkfood, but those biiiig fat fonts and colourful and playful illustrations for Burger Kind work quite well.

Podcasts & Videos

#Podcast #CX

That was a really nice podcast episode of the @Delta_CX on Observational Research: users will not always tell you everything they do in interviews, by observing them, you can gather valuable information about their tasks, goals and problems.

#Powerpoint #Animation morphing

Great Impractical Ideas in Computer Science: PowerPoint Programming did you know you could do a LOT of animation morphing in PowerPoint and this is awesome?


#CSS #Game

Hahah this is a fun little game and how to build it: “Whack-a-Mole: The CSS Edition” by Will Yu (full game at the bottom of the article)

Useful tools and resources that will make your life easy

#Public Speaking

Are you a member of an under-represented or marginalised group? Have you always wanted to become a tech conference speaker? Check out gdcfpday, they organize workshops on January 23rd in different regions to help YOU get started



If like me, you love old book illustrations, @obillustrations offers a wide range of public domain images scanned from old books and it’s amazing

#Diversity #StockPhotos

Disabled And Here is a photo and interview series celebrating disabled Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC). (by @affecttheverb)


If you are looking for inspiration, this is a nice idea: a collection of beautiful designs ordered by month and year from 2016 to 2020.


Find some free illustrations packs for your projects in different styles

#Ad #Todolists

I like the concept of this: replace twitter ads with todos designed in a fun way “designed to nudge you toward your intentions… and away from doom-scrolling.” (only available on mac, but the concept is quite fun)