80+ UX, psychology and product design blogs & people to follow

Get started and progress in the user research and user experience design field!

I often get asked “where should I start, who should I follow to become a UX designer”. So here is a lit of UX research, psychology, product related blogs and people I follow. Those are listed in alphabetic order. Some of them might not be active anymore. But those  are still full of great articles and resources to help you get started and progress in the user research and user experience design field.

** 🇫🇷 Pour les personnes francophones vous pouvez consulter “15 + blogs francophone sur l’UX Design (avec flux RSS)” **

Last updated: August 2023

30 + people with interesting UX, product design & accessibility blogs

Blogs on their own domain

People to follow on Medium

For more people to follow in the industry, go and check uxmustfollow.webflow.io !

People and publications on Substack

Now is also a good time to remind you that this blog has a RSS feed for the English posts (and also a RSS feed for the French posts). Also note that you can subscribe to get emails notifications every time I publish a new article.

40 + UX Design and User Research collective blogs

This is a list of collective blogs (some are held by consulting agencies) with articles related to user experience design and user research:

Archived UX blogs

Those are no longer updated but still have tones of amazing content

Commercial tool with interesting blogs

Many UX (and non UX) tools have now blogs where they share resources and tips. Here’s a list of some I actually read and trust (note that the quality for the article depends on the author though)

9 UX Related podcasts

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