Pixels of the Week – January 26, 2020

Every week I share a list of curated articles, resources and tools about UX, UI and mobile design, HTML, CSS, the web industry, process inspiration and more…

This week’s selection: the role of animation in UX, stop imitating GAFAMs, UX psychology crash course, finding UX design tools and methods, burn out list, is agile user-centred, penis drawing, a beautiful illustrator portfolio, push notifications suck, timeless web dev articles, CSS multi-ligne gradient and responsive tutorial, PWAs in 2020, etc.

#Now – what I’m up to

This week I updated my article “Solving Design Problems: Finding UX Tools, Methods & Activities” with some new resources.  The article lists some online resources that should help you find some tools and UX methods to solve your design problems.

TL;DNR the one you should not miss

#Animations #UX
I sometimes have to push hard with developers to implement the subtle animations I asked for because “Animations are useless” according to them. Here is an excellent NNgroup article that explains the Role of Animation and Motion in UX

Interesting article

#Usertesting #UserResearch


The Risks of Imitating Designs (Even from Successful Companies)” your are not Apple, Amazon or Google and even them make design mistakes so stop blindly copying what you see there

Pet peeves of a designer: 8 things you should probably stop doing” point 7 is super important, design Dev communication can make and destroy projects


Why design systems fail and how to make them work in 2020” great read full of interesting ideas for me to put in place this year

#Push Notifications

Hi, John Oliver has something to talk to you about in this 5 minutes “Push Notifications” video (Yup push notifications became so bad that John made a video about those)


I was going through some bookmarks and found an old but nice online course on user psychology: “THE HIPPER ELEMENT — UX Crash Course: User Psychology

#Agile #UX

Does being Agile mean you’re user-centred?” This article sums up nicely most frustrations I have with agile environments as a designer.


Google Suggests “Husband” After Women’s Names More Often Than “Wife” For Men


The Burnout List – I can sadly relate to a lot of elements in this list. I kind of hope it will get better and I will chill more this year.


Timeless Web Dev Articles, a collection of articles that aged well and are still relevant today

Inspiration, fun experiments and great ideas



A cute small video on being an introvert 


Penis Drawing: Sending a Limited Edition Hand Drawn Penis-on-Cardboard gift is the best way to show someone how much they mean to you. (this one is going to fuck up my SEO big time haha thank you Andy)


Ana Tudor was playing with some polygons and it’s quite impressive

News in the industry

Progressive Web Apps in 2020 by Maximiliano Firtman – amazing sum up of what browser can do what, browser politics and a few other details about PWA ecosystem



Useful tools and plugins that will make your life easy

#Designtools #Methods

Open Design Kit is a collection of tools and methods to help you design in a more efficient collaborative way

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