Pixels of the Week – June 3, 2021

Every day, I share on Twitter and LinkedIn a list of curated articles I read, resources and tools about UX Design, User Research, UI and mobile design, HTML, CSS, the web industry, some process, some inspiration, etc. This is an archive of everything I shared this week.

#Now – what I’m up to

I took a nice week of holidays last week and visited the north of Luxembourg. And, it’s gorgeous! I also enjoyed the bran new Extra Bold – A feminist inclusive anti racist non binary field guide for graphic designers” that arrived just on time for my holidays!

So, back to business, sorry non French speaking followers, but in June I mostly only have French speaking events for now. So here’s the list:

If you are interesting in such talks and workshops in French or English, please reach out!

TL;DNR the one you should not miss

This week, I encourage you to read 2 interesting articles on the state of our UX industry

Interesting article

#CSS #Responsive #ContainerQueries



Design is free : analysis on how icons fonts & even software are becoming a digital commodity how cost reduction via automation tools & reorganization brings costs of tactical design down (almost free). What’s left? The Strategic parts!


Overcoming UX Misdirection” by Darren Hood, a good quick read on how UX is not UI or Design thinking and other misconceptions about our job and what UX Design actually is


NPS is The Worst (via @Wisounet), a collection of articles that explains what is wrong with NPS and some alternatives


Improve Your Interaction Design with 6 Principles” by Malika C., a good short read to demystify a few principles behind UI and interaction design.


The game is no longer optional. Everyone must play. We have little to lose because we already lost everything (…) and even the when we win, the rewards tend to be fleeting, algorithms might change” sadly true, especially in the US


“I’m Tired of Begging Strangers to Stop Touching Me Wherever I Go” don’t touch blind people without their consent just because you think they need help, there’s a chance they actually don’t need any (also don’t touch anyone without their consen

Inspiration, fun experiments and great ideas

#Inspiration #Illustrations

  • If you like animals and illustrations, you should take a look at the inspiring work of @anaisfae I am obviously a big fan of the stellar fox ^^
  • This week, I want you to discover the work of @dedouze_ who creates amazing neon colorful 3D illustrations (with Blender): Instagram and Website
  • Here’s some inspiration to start the week: meet Bryndon Díaz, an illustrator in Guatemala with a an awesome and surreal colorful style: Behance and Instagram
  • Morning Monday Inspiration, discover the work of Jinhwa Jang with some colorful neon and back and white illustrations

#Accessibility #Comics

A comic teaching you how to write alt text for you comics!


2 hilarious guides to gothic fiction: a gentleman’s guide and a ladie’s guide

Podcasts & Videos

#Podcast #Journey

Why do we call a 6 clicks interaction a “journey”? Another great podcast (with transcript!!!) by @katerutter and @lauraklein on how we tend to get a little bit grandiose about some of our terminology

#UX #Talk

Ethics & Power: Understanding the Role of Shame in UX Research” a great talk by @vcastillo630 (you need to create an account but it’s free and there’s a lot of other great talks on the platform so 100% worth it trust me)



This is cool: How to Create Neon Text With CSS (by Silvia O’Dwyer)


A youtube playlist with short videos on quick accessibility tests

Useful tools and resources that will make your life easy


A fun avatar generator tool that generates rounded SVGs in different styles for your apps. I like beam because of the little faces and the bauhaus abstract ones.


Yeah, @wesbos launched a Beginner JavaScript text guide based on his video content course. All 15 chapters are free and available online, how awesome is that?


A little online tool to help you resize images for different social media platforms, that’s nice if you don’t have a design tool at hand and need a quick resize.


All Hands Mockup Generator, free device mockups featuring hands of all shades shapes and sizes


yourweek.app I’m always bad at those productivity apps but I like the “this week / later” concept here so I might give this one a try. I already have paper cards like that on my desk and they tend to work nicely ^^


A website where you can report deceiving patterns. I have a whole folder of those, maybe I should send a few ^^


Little reminder that both Chrome and Firefox inspect have built in tools to check color contrast and simulate colorblindness: Chrome dev tool, FF color vision simulation, FF contrast checker


An interactive lesson in the browser that teaches you grid layout!


Another one of those “let’s make the worse user experience possible”, this time with some terms and conditions pop-ups


My kind of adventure: a game to learn CSS with a cute little pixel art adventure


Hum, I think Around nailed what annoys and distracts me in calls: stressful backgrounds but mostly noise background. It’s next to impossible for me to concentrate when people have background noise and poor audio. I need to give that a try! (update: I gave it a try and loved it ^^)


A free peer-to-peer spatial audio environments where people can put furniture, virtually sit on it and have a conversation

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