Pixels of the Week – March 24, 2019

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Every week I share a list of curated articles, resources and tools about UX, UI and mobile design, Front-End development, HTML, CSS and more…

This week’s selection: tips for first time speakers, an accessibility test tool, forms and gender, advice for ecommerce checkout, CSS blurred borders, frictionless design, learning UX is broken, a color palette tool, complex CSS grids and also a CSS grid plan floor, loading animations, inclusive design and how tech provides platforms for hate , a nice book on typography, the Feminist Library’s new visual identity, the need to normalize Unicode strings, how to avoid terrible UX job descriptions and more.

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TL;DNR the one you should not miss

“Tips For First Time Speakers” great tips, I will add:

  • get a nice remote control
  • if you wear  a dress it’s complicated to put the mic equipment, a jacket with pockets or a belt are options. You might think “I will stick the mic little equipment to my bra in my back”. Been there, done that, nope. You don’t want to spend a whole talk with this equipment itching your back 🙁
  • a hand mic is another option if available (but it gets annoying if you have a remote control in the other hand)
  • madonna mics are nice but if you have long hair again it might interfere with the sound, you might need to tie does. Yup I have super practical advice 😀
  • remove the lanyard while you talk it might interfere with mic
  • ask for the slides format and what type of port (hdmi, vga etc) they support in advance to avoid panicking on stage

Interesting article




If you are interested in perceived performance, here is a nice article on loading animations: “Everything you need to know about Loading Animations“. Also I love the cat loader 😀

#Forms #Gender

Sex and/or gender — working together to get the question right

#Inclusive Design

Canary in a Coal Mine: How Tech Provides Platforms for Hate – “Listen to concerns, no matter how small, particularly if they’re coming from the most endangered groups.”


Best E-Commerce Checkout Practices for 2019 – a long 18min read with many interesting advice



See No Evil: Hidden Content and Accessibility


Do you remember Firefox OS? I do. And I’m thankful because they created the base of a lot of APIs we now take for granted in mobile browsers. Also, the idea of a web based OS might work today, with Google promoting PWAs, huge steps were made towards this.

Inspiration, fun demos and Great ideas


MIT invented a new type of robot hand that’s both adorable and terrifying

#Website #Illustrations

Sigle is a beautiful decentralized & open source blog maker. I love the site, the logo, the illustrations, everything here <3


On the Road to Variable -The Flexible Future of Typography, a nice gift idea for your friend who love typography


The Feminist Library’s new visual identity is inspired by its archive of protest banners. And I LOVE the font <3

#CSS Grid

CSS Grid: Floor Plan, because, hell, whyyy not

News in the industry


Chromium Blog: Chrome Lite Pages – For a faster, leaner loading experience.
This is starting to look a little bit like Opera Mini used to work, proxy browser part to serve the page faster for slow connexion


2016, Stephanie Rieger talks and writes about ” a merchant in Kuwait selling sheep through Instagram, 2019, Introducing Checkout on Instagram



Useful tools and plugins that will make your life easy


Geenes, another color palette tool


accessibilityinsights is a tool (chrome extension + windows app) to test accessibility on your site. The assessment part of the tool gives you a checklist with some helpers to test the page and you can export the results, really cool <3

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