Pixels of the Week – May 20, 2018

Stéphanie Walter

Senior UX Designer - Mobile Expert

Senior UX Designer. Mobile Expert. Public speaker. Blog writer. Google Dev Expert Product Design (GDE)

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Every week I post a lot of my daily readings about Web, UI and UX Design, mobile design, webdesign tools  and useful resources, inspiration on twitter and other social networks.

This week’s selection: running remote user research, UX jargon, React UI, creating personas, Cards and product design, CSS custom properties, CSS button styling, a CSS grid layout builder tool, responsive tables, Google Material impressive tools, generating background patterns using unicode and CSS, new CSS features changing Web Design, a great TED talk about making useless things, and more useful tools.

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TL;DNR the one you should not miss


This is SOOOO cool: Unicode Patterns, generating background patterns using unicode and CSS

Interesting article


#Product Design




Things Designers Should Know About SEO In 2018 by my friend Myriam Jessier (featuring some of my illustrations, yeahy ^^)

Inspiration, fun demos and Great ideas


Brand New: New Logo for BE BEST by Melania Trump. Well. Hum. Like people say “my 14 old cousin could do better than that with a pirated version of Photoshop”



Why you should make useless things

Webdesign news


Evolution of Android Homescreen and Navigation 


Google Just Remade Its Brand Again

Useful resources, tools and plugins that will make your life easy


Okay now THIS is impressive: ant.design and mobile.ant.design , a react and react native library component (and angular) with special care for design and UX with Sketch files and all you need to collaborate between devs and UI designers <3

#Material Design

Wow, the Google Material Theme Editor Sketch plugin is really cool (but only Sketch, wondering if they will support other design tools). Also the Gallery tool provides inspect and comments on mockups, should invision worry?

#Grid Layout

Whooot a CSS Grid Layout Interface Builder!!!

#Ebook #UX

An online book on UX process and methods: The UX Playbook

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