Pixels of the Week – October 28, 2018

Stéphanie Walter

Senior UX Designer - Mobile Expert

Senior UX Designer. Mobile Expert. Public speaker. Blog writer. Google Dev Expert Product Design (GDE)

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Every week I post a lot of my daily readings about Web, UI and UX Design, mobile design, webdesign tools  and useful resources, inspiration on twitter and other social networks.

This week’s selection: styleguide documentation, microinteractions in User Experience, humor and UX, confession of a flawed designer, improving chatbots, skeleton screens study, usability and innovation, UX writing, design search experience, 30 second CSS snippets, learning Adobe XD in 5 minutes, and more.

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I gave a talk

The last 2 weeks I talked at DevFest Nantes and Blend Web Mix Lyon about template / UI frameworks and how to buid a product or service with them while still doing some user research and having a user centric process. The slides are in French and available here.

TL;DNR the one you should not miss


How much documentation to include in a style guide? by Brad Frost

Interesting article

#UX and #UI Design


Confessions of a Flawed Designer, really nice article full of fun illustrations


Honey, I built a chatbot, but no one will click on my buttons – nice read but it again makes me question the existence of chatbots. The Facebook one seems super limited and I see so many poor designed ones, clumsy unnatural conversations :/

Inspiration, fun demos and Great ideas

#Code Demo

Shredded, a fun demo on codepen


Transgender people are everywhere—and will not be erased. Six cartoonists on gender and transition

Webdesign news

#Browser news:

  • Chrome 70 has now Desktop Progressive Web Apps on Windows & Linux
  • Edge gets authentification API, notifications and PWAs enhancements as well


#Adobe XD

Do You Want to Learn Adobe XD but Don’t Have Time? How About Learning It in Under 5 Minutes?

Useful tools and plugins that will make your life easy


30 seconds CSS, A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

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