Pixels of the Week – April 16, 2016

Pixels of the Week – April 16, 2016

Stéphanie Walter

Senior UX & UI designer

Senior UX & UI Designer. Mobile Expert. Public speaker. Blog writer. Google Dev Expert Product Design (GDE)

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Every week I post a lot of my daily readings about Web, UI and UX Design, mobile design, webdesign tools  and useful ressources, inspiration on twitter and other social networks.

This week’s selection: Fast CSS animations and CSS transform explained, CSS native mixines and variables, the power of web apps, optical logo corrections, enhancing UX with typography, form best practise, an introduction to visual hierarchy, developing a designer eye, a nice read on best practice and a site to learn design facts. In the ressource section you will find some books, mobile inspiration, a Photoshop script for creating glitch art and a aweful but fun tool to automatically generate logos (if you want to procrastinate today)

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TL;DNR the one you should not miss


Fast CSS animations, a library that don’t cause reflows and repaints of a website when used correctly, and What are Transformations ? which explains CSS transformations that we tend to use a lot with animations

Interesting article


Forgetting how the other half designs – Some designers are stuck with shitty workflows. AMEN!  So nope, I’m still not using Sketch, for different reasons among which I’ve a Windows computer at the Agency, and I’m pretty sure this does not make me a bad designer 🙂


Native or Not? The Untapped Power of Web Apps: currently working on an hybrid app, many great resources linked


Optical corrections in logo design, the black and white trick is pretty interesting


Web Form Design Best Practices: 5 Useful UI Patterns


The Design School Guide To Visual Hierarchy


When will vanilla CSS be good enough to replace Sass, Less, Stylus, and the rest?


Interesting pro/con comparison: iframe, or not, that is the question

#typography #UX

Typography tips for a better user experience



Nice article if you are looking for ways to enhance your design skills: Developing your eye for design


The Road to Mediocrity Is Paved with Best Practices sometimes best practice is not what will work best for your company specific needs


15 Website Accessibility Tips That Increase Everyone’s Engagement

Designer news


Google now blocks searchers from sites with deceptive download buttons

Inspiration and Great ideas


Hahaha not a bad idea for a about me page davidprati.fr   ^^


Pretty cool platform to learn about design history: Design Facts


Ow <3 Alphabet Illustrations


If you are looking for design and mobile inspiration, here’s a nice list of sites and blogs to follow



Record almost everything in the browser with MediaRecorder

Useful ressources, tools and plugins that will make your life easy


MOOOOAAAR books: 50 essential books every graphic designer should read


#Action #Photoshop

Free Pixel Sorting Photoshop Action for Creating Glitch Art


Styleguide – Living Styleguide Made Easy

#Website Cost

How much does a website cost? An online calculator (useful questions to help you)


CSS Pseudo, presentation on CSS pseudo classes and pseudo elements

Fun, games, experiments and demos


Somebody made a responsive version of the artiste page of Spotify


Procrastination time: yet another online logo generator

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