Secret Super powers of Mobile Browsers – Techfest Bucharest

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Today I was speaking at Techfest in Bucharest. It’s a 4 days event around web and technologies. My talk was about mobile browsers secret powers.

In this talk, I go through a lot of different APIs you can now (or in a near future) use to enhance user experience in mobile browsers and bring it to the almost the level of native apps. Did you know you could push notifications and provide offline content on mobile websites? That you could access medias, camera or voice recorder and could build an online video audio chat directly in the mobile browser? That we can access APIs like geolocation, gyroscope, accelerometer to build fun experiences like How about bluetooth and connecting to smart object, but also accessing battery status or network type to really enhance the experience based on context?

Finally, to really bring your mobile web experience to the next level, I present what you can do with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): how they work, what cool features you can get like offline access, performance, color theme, installation banners and icons, etc. I also give some precious advice on asking permissions the right way.

The slides

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