Accessibility for Designers

Accessibility is often overlooked in the initial stages of product design, mistakenly relegated as an issue to be “fixed” later. It’s also still assumed as solely a developer’s responsibility. However, effective accessibility is the collective responsibility of the entire team, including designers. Many accessibility problems can be anticipated and already eliminated during the design phase. As a designers, you have the power to influence product roadmaps by advocating for accessibility, accessibility features, making a significant impact!

Example of some the workshop slides

Workshop Dates for 2024

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Workshop Description

In this interactive hands-on workshop, attendees will acquire the skills to design more accessible and user-friendly products. By examining real-world interface examples, I will highlight key accessibility issues that designers can prevent across four principal areas: Visual Design, Interactions, Way-finding, and Content Access. Topics of exploration will include effective color usage, keyboard navigation and interaction states, layout, wayfinding, titles and links, among others.

The goal is not just to aid in the prevention of design errors, but also to equip designers to audit designs for accessibility issues and correct them in the early stages of the process. We will also go beyond error prevention and also talk about accessibility features designers can push to the roadmap. Finally, the workshop will guide you on documenting accessibility and user interaction requirements in a manner that aids developers in their implementation.

Two exercises in Figma: a color contrast checker one and a keyboard navigation documentation one

An example of 2 of the hands on exercises we will do during the workshop

I will introduce you to a variety of tools that will assist you in auditing and documenting the accessibility of your designs in your work. And you will get access to my Web Accessibility for Designers Checklist + my Sketch / Figma Accessibility & Interactions Documentation Annotation Kit, and plenty of resources to dig more into the topic of accessibility after the workshop, to keep on learning.

Preview of 2 pages of the checklist and of the annotation kit

The workshop include complementary access to my accessibility checklist and annotation kit

Learning Goals

  • Learn how to design accessible mockups for components and pages that follow  WCAG + usability best practices.
  • Understand what accessibility issues designers can already avoid in the design phase
  • Learn to audit designs to be able to identify and correct accessibility mistakes in designs
  • Foster improved communication on accessibility within your team

What you won’t learn

While this is a hands-on, practical workshop, we won’t have time to go into the strategic aspects of promoting accessibility within organizations, or explore in depth the legal implications of inaccessible products. Also, while we will discuss relevant aspects of the WCAG guidelines, this workshop will not provide an exhaustive front-to-back coverage. This is focused towards the part that designers can help with.


  • You don’t need any specific accessibility knowledge to attend
  • You need to know how to use a design tool for the exercises. We will use Figma.
  • You will need a computer and Figma. Before the workshop, I will send you a list of the free tools you need to install (Figma plugins, other tools) to help us during the workshop.

Interested in this workshop?

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Other resources on Accessibility

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