[Freebies] Responsive Retrofitting VS Mobile First Responsive Strategy Illustration

[Freebies] Responsive Retrofitting VS Mobile First Responsive Strategy Illustration

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The word “Responsive” has today a lot of different meanings depending on the person you ask. In his article  Responsive Strategy, Brad Frost explains the difference between Responsive Retrofitting and what he calls Mobile First Responsive. Design.

This first one is, I quote: “the process of taking an existing desktop-only website, and making it responsive after the fact.” Basically what we have been doing the past few years when there was no full redesign on the table.

He defines Mobile First Responsive as “creating an interface that addresses the constraints of mobile (small screen, low bandwidth, etc), then progressively enhances the experience to take advantage of available screen space, features, and more.” This is a more future, performance and usability proof solution but it also often requires a full redesign and beeing able to rebuild the whole site from the ground.

I really liked his approach and the images he used, so I decided to create some illustrations to use for my lessons at the university and conference slides. You can download those illustration here:

Download the responsive retrofitting illustration

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