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Welcome! Once in a while, I pretend I am a Web curator and share a list of articles that I thought were interesting, hilarious or practical. This list can cover anything from obscure Wikipedia articles, sociological studies, technical SEO experiments, search experience optimization. I was a librarian in another life (the Sorbonne hires student librarians) – think of this as yet another anecdote about a sassy librarian 🙂

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Category #1: Let’s welcome our robot overlords

#fakenews #startup #creepy

Fighting Fakery: there’s a startup for that. No more fake followers, fake images and fake news: maybe this can happen with a technology that the U.S. State Department uses. Check out what Truepic does.

#SEO #Googlebot #JS

Fetch and Render: Tools and tips to help you “see” how Google Bot Renders your website

#ABtest #conversion #CRO

A/B Testing is messing with us: No, it’s not just in your head. Find out how marketing and UX tests mess with our minds.

Category #2: Human Interests

#creativity #darkside

The Wicked Side of Creativity: the dark side of creativity – some of us are creative in how malicious we can get.

#restaurant #menu #typography #branding #readability

Typography vs readability: Ever wonder why you can’t read restaurant menus? There’s a reason: it makes money.

#readability #copywriting

The Right Way to Write : Focus on Readability This is a quick article introducing some free tools to help you write in a way that folks can easily read.

Category #3: Google Rodeo

#Google #adulting #SEO

Just Google it! 40 useful things you can do with Google Search.

#Google #SEO

Google isn’t God: 20 limits you didn’t know Google has.

#Google #vocalsearch

Mic Drop: How to find and delete everything you’ve ever said to Google

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