Pixels of the Week – April 28, 2019

Stéphanie Walter

Senior UX Designer - Mobile Expert

Senior UX Designer. Mobile Expert. Public speaker. Blog writer. Google Dev Expert Product Design (GDE)

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Every week I share a list of curated articles, resources and tools about UX, UI and mobile design, Front-End development, HTML, CSS and more…

This week’s selection: UX vs UI, understanding webviews, react 95, sympathy vs empathy, build marble-powered computers, why not just use material design, a creative type test, blocking notification prompts, multi-line background CSS trick, HTML for beginners, what design tools get wrong and some beautiful optimistic illustrations and animations.

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TL;DNR the one you should not miss

#Fun #Illustration

UI vs UX, a silly xkcd illustration

Interesting article


Sympathy vs. Empathy in UX. The majority of UX professionals practice sympathy instead of empathy for their users. Some advice at the end of the article will help you build more empathy in UX


Understanding WebViews. A WebView is an embeddable browser that a native application can use to display web content. You might be using without even noticing. Most native apps now open the web links inside a webview so that users don’t leave their app but there’s other use-cases

#Design #Tools

What design tools get wrong, an interesting list of what could be improved in design tools. I’m kind of glad I’m not the only one not using grids and aligning with padding and margins like I would do in a browser. Also yes for accessibly embedded in tools

#UI Frameworks #Material Design

Why Don’t We Just Use Material Design?” They present answers to which we don’t have the questions so we either distort our problem to fit into the design solution or look for problems that don’t exist, in order to explain the solutions we have to hand.

Inspiration, fun demos and Great ideas


turingtumble.com, a fun way to discover how computers work by building mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles


My creative type is Thinker, and we’re known for our intellectual curiosity. This feels like a women magazine test hahaha

#Illustrations #Animations

The A-Z guide to optimism, a beautiful project

News in the industry


Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for ‘defective’ cyber-revamp – No responsive because apparently ” Accenture decided that only desktop and mobile versions were needed, according to Hertz.”, like, wow?


#CSS #Accessibility

Inclusively Hidden, different CSS ways to hide content depending on what you want to achieve (visually hidden only, also hidden for screen readers, etc.)

#CSS #Gradient

How to create a multi-line text background effect, really cool little gradient background trick


Introduction to HTML; a good tutorial for beginners

Useful tools and plugins that will make your life easy

#UX #Methods

There’s a lot of UX tools and methods, it’s not always easy to find the right one. Here’s an article I wrote with some resources to help you find the right method for you project: Solving design problems: Finding UX tools, methods & activities


This, you need this in your life: Refreshed Windows95 UI components for your modern React apps <3


Blocking Web Sites from Prompting for Notifications (on chrome and firefox desktop)

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