Pixels of the Week – February 26, 2023

Tables, optical alignments and cats making lego pancakes!

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#Now – what I’m up to

Yeah, the video for “Scaling accessibility through design systems“, the panel where Geri Reid, Lauren Beatty and I talk about accessibility and Design Systems is available, in case you missed the live (or want to rewatch).

Some people asked me why I don’t open links in new tab on my blog, so I added an entry in the FAQ. In short: live users the choice and not annoy screen reader users. I’ve also spent a nice Friday afternoon doing craft with some friends, so I’ve almost finished vectorizing the raccoons.

TL;DNR the one you should not miss

Working in enterprise UX, tables is the number one UI pattern I use again and again. PencilPaperLabs got some great advice to design better tables: Data Table Design UX Patterns

Interesting articles

All the design stuff: UX research, UX writing, inclusive design, design systems, game UX, etc.

CSS and HTML good reads:

A little bit of AI content

Inspiration, fun experiments and great ideas

  • Great sketchplanation of the Attribution bias, where we may attribute behaviour to fixed personality traits or characteristics of a person rather than specific circumstances or actions.
  • Meet Janina Hoffmann, a digital artists who created beautiful spooky and magical art, and I want to buy all her etsy sticker shop.. Also checker her Insta

Useful tools and resources that will make your life easy

  • I asked Scribble Diffusion to generate me images of “a UX designer cat with sticky notes in the background” based on a very poorly designed with a trackpad sketch. Haa, this is fun. I would love to be able to edit the sketch to see how the AI adapts
  • Oh, I love the concept of the Sound print app, and so will some neurodivergent friends, or just people who need a quite place for a meeting: an app to find quite places (bars, restaurants) with a feature to check sound levels.
  • Hum, usually automated transcript tools struggle with French, so, it’s kind of my benchmark. I fed this one 15min of one of my teaching classes and it did quite good, so you might want to give it a try: Good Tape.
  • If you think gamaficiation can help you reach a goal, here’s a site where you can find apps that gamified different aspects of life: Gamify List
    I need to test Chore Wars, who doesn’t want to win XP when briging out the bin?
  • Iconoir, another cool icon library with outlined icons, that let your customize the optical size, weight and color, then export to SVG
  • An open source project to tag and organize google fonts, because, sometimes, you want to search for something specific like “art nouveau”, “funky” or “Halloween”
  • Unicopy, copy paste the unicode characters you might need from one single place



News in the industry

🥳 I’m so happy about this, we finally get to do web push notifications for iOS and iPadOS, Yeahy!!! Also, support for badging API makes this even better.

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