Pixels of the Week – October, 2020

Every week I share a list of curated articles, resources and tools about UX, UI and mobile design, HTML, CSS, the web industry, process inspiration and more…

This week’s selection: accessibility tools and resources, lack of accessibility costing a client, advice for junior UX designers, an online waves, curves and blobs SVG generator, taking ethical tech decisions, a podcast on design briefs, emotion centered design, 3D objects in the browser, a 3D room in CSS, some nice illustrations, a guide on how to design for diversity, should you charge less for speaking remotely (no), booking’s illustration process, learning JS online, a nice online events tool, Wikipedia will get a redesign, some bidirectional scrolling advice, etc.

#Now – what I’m up to

Yeah UX in Lux (the meetups I co-organise with Laurence Vagner) goes online, it means you can attend from everywhere. So save the date: October 13, 18:30 CEST Morgane Peng will talk about helping colleagues understand what you do as a UXD and making design strategy work for your org. Bring your stories!

I was also invited to DeltaCX’s podcast last week. We asked the question “Does Your Team Really Need CX/UX Specialists?“. With business analysts documenting exactly how this looks and works, product owners doing wireframes, and engineers asking customers “what they want,” do we really need CX/UX specialists at their company?

TL;DNR the one you should not miss

#Accessibility #Resources

⭐ People, you need to bookmark this list of accessibility tools and resources by Hannah Milan

Interesting article

#UX #Juniors

Sam Harper wrote a nice article about “10 sobering realities every brand-new UX designer needs to accept” and I think this could help a lot of people entering in the UXD industry. Also if you prefer audio, he also talked about this on a podcast.

#Remote #PublicSpeaking

Speaking, remotely” I agree with Ethan here, preparing a remote talk requires the same amount of preparation as in person, and the delivery might even require more if you pre-record, edit, etc. So no, you should not charge less

#Illustrations #Process

I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of this smooth curvy illustrations style, here’s the process of booking’s illustrations for partner products redesign


Bidirectional scrolling: what’s not to like?” an interesting “pros and cons” analysis of this scrolling patterns by Adam Silver (@adambsilver)


I got a mixed feeling about this article, I agree with the part about why you build users flows, but I am not a big fan of the “stick to one direction” and the final format, I prefer to use box and arrows and detail all steps within the flow

Inspiration, fun experiments and great ideas


Pantone launches new shade of red to end menstruation stigma

#3D #Fun

Generate 3D objects with lights in the browser. Obviously I had to create a SW with my colors. I tried to have a fox but there’s not enough cubes, still cute.


A 3D room in pure CSS, because we can and because it’s cool and fun (might kill you GPU though)


The Ikea Home of Tomorrow, an interesting project with a lot of plants in the house, I still wonder how big of a house you need to have for such projects and how long it takes to maintain all of that ^^



Decoding Design Briefs, another great podcast by @lauraklein and @katerutter. A lot of interesting ideas especially for students who are beginning and might be used to super directive briefs while most briefs in the real word are not that descriptive. I will start asking people “please walk me through your process to design a chair” during interviews. I also never considered user stories to be some kind of “briefs” but it makes sense, also glad to see I am not the only one suffering with poorly written stories sometimes ^^

News in the industry

#Redesign #wikipedia

Wikipedia is going to get a redesign and my heart is with all the designers on the project because redesigning such a BIG site within an open source community is a challenge, I remember the backslash of simply changing the search form


Gutenberg Accessibility Costs WordPress the W3C Work” (for those who don’t know, W3C is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web so it’s kind of a big deal.



Data structure (sets, arrays, queues) explained by Coding Drag Queen Anna Lytical in a cool and fun way

#Animation #React

A Friendly Introduction to Spring Physics” by @joshwcomeau, I think I could spend the morning playing with this little awesome demo!!!

Useful tools and resources that will make your life easy


Tired of seeing same boring illustrations? Here’s a growing collection of 39997 vector illustrations by @flatroundicons with 3 free packs. I love the style of Salt & Pepper, hand drawn chalky style is hard to achieve for vector!

#Design #Emotions

A lookbook for Emotion-Centered Design“, some tools and methods to help you design for user’s emotions.

#Tech #Ethics

Ethical Explorer: tools to help manage the future impact of today’s tech: beautiful cards + a field guide to identify and explore 8 tech risk areas when building or updating products: exclusion, surveillance, bad actors, algorithmic bias, addiction, outsized power, data control.


A framework to help you design for diversity and build equitable products, services, and content, written by Boyuan Gao and Jahan Mantin

#JavaScript #Learning

Want to start learning JavaScript? Zell Liew (@zellwk) has a quite detailed course online. Next session is in February 2021 so you get some time to think about it (and maybe convince your company to pay for the training ^^)

#Conference Tool

The people from Tito (online ticket tool) bring us Vito, a new platform for online events and it’s really really nicely built!

#SVG #Generator

Do you need waves, curves, polygons, some blobs orsome animated shapes SVG background for your website? Here is a nice generator for that. Also the map generator is really nice it’s quite annoying to do this by hand

#Game #Accessibility

SpecialEffect is a charity that helps people with disabilities enjoy video games and it’s a really nice initiative

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