Pixels of the Week – October 3, 2021

Every day, I share on Twitter and LinkedIn a list of curated articles I read, resources and tools about UX Design, User Research, UI and mobile design, HTML, CSS, the web industry, some process, some inspiration, etc. This is an archive of everything I shared this week.

#Now – what I’m up to

This Friday I taught to the students in the CEFIM program. The first part of the class was about my job as a UX designer. And I’m so happy that a student said that, thanks to my, he knows get that my job involves so many skills and tasks that he did not imagine before. The second part was a workshop on Information Architecture for Reusable and Adaptive ComponentsFrom user flow to content model and a big work on information architecture and hierarchy, we went through a framework I teach to help designers and developers build pages and components.

TL;DNR the one you should not miss


Designing for Long Waits and Interruptions: Mitigating Breaks in Workflow in Complex Application Design, a super interesting article by @NNgroup to help you design for complex enterprise apps where users get interrupted a lot

Interesting article


Overlay Overload: Competing Popups Are an Increasing Menace. Why do we continue to annoy users with such annoying patterns?


CSS Container Queries: Container Relative Lengths, a short read on what you need to know about the brand new q* units.


Death by a Thousand Words: COVID-19 and the Pandemic of Ableist Media: Non-disabled people only saw the potential outcomes of the virus as either life or death — they didn’t account for the gray. Disabled people live in the gray.


The science of eureka moments ” and why you get your best ideas in the shower (or in my case, in while swimming) and how to get into the space to incubate those epiphanies


A Content Model Is Not a Design System, and how to build content models that will work in omni channel environments

Inspiration, fun experiments and great ideas

#Illustration #Inspiration

Zeina Shareef  is a freelance Illustrator and Designer from the Maldives. I love her sea inspired work and so will you: website and instagram


This collection of SVG animations of debit card illustrations is really fun

News in the industry


This Proposal for CSS @when is going to be a really cool proposal to add conditions (like media queries) to CSS



Podcast & Videos


I was invited in episode #40 of A Lens a Day by @brownorama to talk about the “confidence” lens, we talked about data, big data heavy designs and users who tell you they want to customize everything, but do they really?


What’s the best font size? A guide for body text in responsive web design” an nice video by @glyphe. I’m a big fan on “Make it bigger”, but I wonder about complex enterprise UI, most users want it smaller to get more data on the screen


Micro Lesson: Interpreting Unmoderated Usability Tests, Card Sorts, Tree Tests, another great episode of @Delta_CX podcast

Useful tools and resources that will make your life easy

#UX Research

Taylor Nguyen put together some UXR templates you can download: UXR Plan, User Interview Probing Questions, Interview script, Test script, Question for dashboard design, Debrief & quick synthesis.


  • This looks cool: a new animation library, built on the Web Animations API for the smallest filesize and the fastest performance.
  • A Figma plugin to help you create design for keyboard and screen reader users access by documenting focus order


Access Guide is a friendly introduction to digital accessibility based on WCAG 2.1. Each little memo presents the why it’s important, how to implement and test (with code examples)


Can I Include: If you wonder if you can include a div in a span (no you can’t) and more generally what element your can include in which according to the HTML spec, this shall help.


Get your spooky hats on with those Social Media Template with Halloween Stickers from @blushdesignapp

#UX Writing

The UX Writing Library, a place to find tools, book, resources, blogs, courses, podcast, events and more about UX writing


Open source emojis for designers, developers and everyone else! And yes they pass “does this emoji library have a sausage an maple leafs” test

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