Pixels of the Week – December 1, 2017

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Every week I post a lot of my daily readings about Web, UI and UX Design, mobile design, webdesign tools  and useful resources, inspiration on twitter and other social networks.

This week’s selection: UX review guide, localized input masks UX, introducing design systems, design process evolution, designers becoming problem solvers, what PWAs can do for you, CSS grid layout starters, tutorials and a github repository to find CSS talks, Front-End Checklist, JavaScript animations, Sketch cleaner and animation plugins.

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TL;DNR the one you should not miss


If you’re looking for CSS talks to watch, here is a whole list 🙂

Interesting article





“The best visual description of a company I’ve ever seen, as simple as that”


Designing For A Browserless Web, great article on what Progressive Web Apps can do for you.
I’m wondering if we can detect a standalone launch to display specific content (like share buttons when there’s no browser or enhance the navigation)


Optimizing CSS: Tweaking Animation Performance with DevTools


“6 things I hate about your design CV”, number 1 Fucking skills charts. Yes

Inspiration, fun demos and Great ideas

#Illustration #Typography

Garamond Corpvs, for all of the typography and anatomy nerds out there <3


Animating Layouts with the FLIP Technique (+ a library to help you as a bonus)


The Front-End Checklist – an online tool to build a front-end checklist for your projects


Useful resources, tools and plugins that will make your life easy


designercize.com a tool that gives you random design challenges to practise. Fun but a little wtf in the challenges sometimes ?

  • Sketchcleaner – a plug-in to help you clean your sketch files, yeahy ?
  • Diya, a timeline animation directly in Sketch.

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