(finished) Win a free Streamline UX 2.0 Illustration Pack!

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It’s almost the end of the summer holidays, people. Are you ready to go back to school, sorry, to work? Do you have all your tools, pen, paper? How about your illustrations and icon sets, are those ready as well?  This week, I have a little surprise “back to school” gift for you, courtesy to Streamline.

The contest is finished. Congratulations to Nicolas, Alison and Édouard  who won the 3 licences.

19,500 Illustrations for your next project

Let’s face it: we don’t all have the time, budget or even skills to design custom illustrations for all our projects. This is where having an illustration pack in your toolkit becomes handy.

For those who know me, you might know that I use the Streamline Icons a lot for many of my projects and user research artifacts (and yes, it’s a real testimonial from on the site this time, not one of those fake UIfaces ^^). We’re using those for categories on our “52 UX Cards to Discover Cognitive Biases”, I think they are in MANY of my conference slides, etc.

So I was super happy when I saw that they also launched a pack of illustrations. Streamline UX 2.0 is a huuuuuuuge pack of more than 19,500 illustrations you can use for web apps, UI, even print design. The illustration pack offers 70 different themes to choose from and comes in 3 different styles: duotone, multicolor and outline.

The range of themes is quite big but I’m also super happy about the diversity of those illustrations when there’s humans in those. They put a lot of effort into building different illustrations you can choose from for the same concept with different skin tones and genders.

Also, for you Figma users, note that there’s a figma plugin for streamline. Which means you can get all those illustrations directly in figma, yeahy!

The Streamline app: find any illustration and icon you need in a few seconds.

Streamline UX 2.0 comes with a handy web app where you can directly search and find the illustrations (and icons) you need. This is really useful for me compared to other illustration and icon packs that only send you the files and then it’s a mess to find the icon you were looking for.

You can choose in which format you want to download the illustration based on your needs: PNG, SVG, PDF. Or simply copy/paste the SVG paths in your clipboard to add it directly to the code of your website.

Participate in the contest to win a Streamline UX 2.0 Licence

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This contest ends on September 10,  2020 – 23:59. I will then randomly pick one of the people who shared the article. Good luck 🙂