80+ UX blogs (with RSS feed) to follow

Yeah I know, RSS is sooo 2000. Yet, I still think it’s one of the best format if you want to keep up to date in our industry. So here is basically the export of my Feedly (a RSS tool that is quite nice, check it out) with all the UX related blogs and people I follow. Those are listed in alphabetic order. Some of them might not be active any more. But those  are still full of great articles and resources to help you get started an progress in the user research and user experience design field. You can download an .opml file at the end of the article to directly import those to your RSS reader.

** 🇫🇷 Pour les personnes francophones vous pouvez consulter “15 + blogs francophone sur l’UX Design (avec flux RSS)” **

Last updated: April 11 2022

50 + UX Design and User Research collective blogs

This is a list of collective blogs with articles related to user experience design and user research:

20 + Personal blogs from people in the UX Industry

Now is also a good time to remind you that this blog has a RSS feed for the English posts (and also a RSS feed for the French posts). Also note that you can subscribe to get emails notifications every time I publish a new article.

9 UX Related podcasts

Download the .opml file

If you want to quickly add those to your RSS reader you can download my .opml file. Please note that in RSS I didn’t split between people vs community blogs.

Download .opml

Feel free to suggest some other resources in the comments or by contacting me, but keep in mind that those need to have a RSS feed ^^

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