Pixels of the Week – May 21 , 2023

Deceptive patterns, India street lettering and scoped CSS

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Now: what I’m currently up to

I’ve put the final touches to my “Accessibility for designers” workshop while enjoying the sun.
I’m having a lot of fun growing radishes on the terrace and turning them into salads. I’ve also created some earrings and necklaces with shrink plastic and vinyl.

Interesting frameworks and concepts

How to write a generative interview guide: Nikki Anderson created a table to help you ask questions to trigger a specific response from participants. I also like her TEDW acronym: Tell me, Explain, Describe, Walk me through. Also check her article 17 Pro Tips to Perfect One-on-One Interviews

TL; DNR: the one you should not miss

How companies use deceptive patterns to keep you subscribed: from friction to cancel shaming, time lost, buttons hidden on purpose, the journey of cancelling is long and tedious. Some of those are so shady I wonder how they are still not illegal

Interesting articles that caught my attention

UX research and design

Accessibility interesting articles

Inspiration: fun experiments, beautiful art, and great ideas

  • Paintings: beautiful paintings that show 2 different scenes in one, in a brush stroke, by David Ambarzumjan
  • India Street Lettering: this is a beautiful collection of photos documenting street lettering and signage from India. By Pooja Saxena

Useful tools & resources

  • DevTools Tips  a place to find more than 140 developer tools and tips to help you with your projects
  • Jam.dev: a tool (Chrome extension) to report bugs in context with screenshots that automatically creates bug reports with all the info engineers need (console logs, browser info, etc.)
  • Product Metrics: an online tool with definitions and calculation methods for some financial (MMR, ROI, …), engagement (daily user engagement, …) and traffic (DAU, bounce rate, …) product metrics that should help you speak the language of the business.

Cool and Interesting Videos

I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much: a great talk by Stella Young on inspiration porn (the idea that disabled people exist to inspire and uplift non-disabled people)


Scoped CSS is Back: we are getting scope to CSS and it’s going to be a game changer. You can test it in Chrome under a flag

Latest news in the industry

Wendy’s tests an AI chatbot that takes your drive-thru order – The Verge “People can barely handle the cashier-less kiosks at Mcdonald’s, and now you want them to talk to an AI? Hangry people don’t want to hear about your GPU shortage and how it’s slowing down their orders — just saying”, yup accurate conclusion.

What’s new in CSS and UI: I/O 2023 Edition: all the cool things you don’t want to miss!

This company adopted AI. Here’s what happened to its human workers