2023 wrap-up – the professional part

A new year starts, it’s time for a 2023 wrap. This part will be about my professional year: my work, speaking and workshop content, the blog, the UX template shop and more. If you want to see nice things, don’t also forget to check the creative part.

I launched an improved my UX template shop

Collage of different cards and templates available in the shop

In January 2022, I launched my UX templates and resources shop. That shop grew all year long, I added new resources around UX design, but also accessibility and cognitive biases.

Among other things, I’m super happy to have found the time to update and improve the following:

I wanted again to thank you all for your amazing support in that adventure. Stay tuned, for even more new resources in 2024! I’m currently working on some resources for usability testing, for example.

Speaking and workshops

2023 was the year I went back to in person speaking, and I developed my workshops offer a little more. I used to have my speaking talks and workshops in one single page, it was all mixed up. I’ve decided to split those last year to make it more clear.

So, now, I have a Speaking page that features my talks and a Workshop and Training page, dedicated to those.  I really enjoy the workshop format. And, I want to keep doing that for 2024. So, if you are interested in me, coming to your conference to do a workshop, please reach out! I’m also quite open to remote workshops if we are too many kilometers apart. I also did a couple of private talks and facilitated a couple of private workshops for different companies I won’t name, because, privacy. If you want me to come to talk for a private event, that could be arranged.

Speaking and meetups

Collage of different photos of me on stage and conference thumbnails

Strangely, most of my speaking was done at the end of 2023


Collage of different photos of me, teaching at workshops, and a miro board for an online workshop

2023 was a lot of fun with more workshops, both remote and in person

And for 2024? Well, I’ve already scheduled a workshop for January. Want to explore potential missuses of your product in order to mitigate the risks? I’m facilitating my “What could go wrong with your product” workshop, on January 16, 2024, online, at 6:30 PM CET. This workshop will teach you a method, that you can then re-use with your teams and colleagues, to anticipate, and hopefully prevent misuse of your products. And, you will get my Miro board framework, to reuse for your own projects.

Video and online panels

Collage of 2 youtube thumbnails for the accessibility panels and video, and a photo of my setup to create the video with the microphone and video montage in the background

I’ve explored a little bit the video format, recorded my own, and did a couple of panels:

New articles and updates on the blog

Collage of screenshots of the articles

This blog also grew a little this year. Here’s what happened, in case you missed it:

And, I wrote a 2 parts article for Condens on biases in user research in areas that don’t get enough attention (the biases, not the articles): Part 1 focuses on biases with note-taking and data analysis. Part 2 is coming soon.

For the French blog

Last but not least, I’ve changed my newsletter tool from Sendfox to Emailoctopus. To make my life easier (and also because a lot of people subscribed to both languages), everyone will get the English newsletter. And, if you’ve subscribed to the French blog, you also get the French news. But, I’ll be honest: I have no time, or energy to write French content or translate to French those days.


I still very much enjoy the podcast format. It’s a nice way to chat about different topics I’m interested in. So, here are the ones I recorded in 2023 (again, if you want to invite me to your podcast, reach out!):

Collaborative articles

I also participated in a couple of collaborative articles. Meaning, I either helped writing them, or I was interviewed, and they kept my words and included those in the article.

And for the French fun:

My work

So, that was all about my content creator activity, blog and author. Let’s talk about my work. I’m still an employee, working 4 days a week as a UX research and designer for Maltem consulting.
In 2023, I was in a long time missing for the European Investment Bank. My current project finished end of the year. It’s been quite nice. I was UX team of one, and I had full autonomy on user research. I worked with a team of backend and React developers, and we built our own design system, to migrate an old interface to a brand new one. We also did a lot of work on the accessibility of the components that I’m very proud of.
In 2024, I’ll still be there, but, I’m starting to work on a new big project. I will work within the constraint of a corporate package they bought. This will be, quite a change. I’m curious to see how it will impact user experience, and my work. It won’t impact user research much, if anything, I will do more of it to define exactly what people need in this new tool. But, the UI part will be constraints within that framework. I also expect more strategic work, and to be involved in some change management, maybe. I’m very curious to see where this will bring me.